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Saint Augustine of Hippo is considered on of the greatest Christian thinkers of all time and the Doctor of the Church.
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Hi All,

Given everything going on in the news and what I hear from people's personal lives, I've been pondering--do you think there are consequences for sin to the guilty party?

We're taught to believe in God's justice, but from what I observe it doesn't seem to exist much. If someone hurts a child, and that child suffers for years or even kills himself or herself, and the offender doesn't feel bad and goes on to live the life he wants, what suffering does he have or what justice? How about a killer who walks free or war criminals who are never tried because changes in political climates mean it's not worth going after them? In movies or books we would see the "bad" people have bad things happen in their lives, but in the real world, the victims offer suffer until they die while the offenders go on to get married, raise families, have careers, enjoy life.

I often think about St. Augustine. He must have hurt a lot of people during his wild years. People who might have suffered for a long, long time. Yet he turns around and now he's an official saint. Did he make amends to the people he hurt? Where is the justice for them if he gets to be in a high level of heaven? If the people who do bad things are sorry on their deathbed, they go to heaven right? So they enjoy Earth and then heaven, while their victims are the ones who bear the cost for their sins?

It seems to me the only people who hurt for their sins are the ones trying to be like God. If you go around not caring about God and living selfishly, it seems you avoid a lot of pain and suffering and don't face any consequences.

Curious what other people think. I expect a lot of people to disagree because it's painful to think this is true.
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