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Spurge Here...Save There..

Aug 31st 2013 new
I think MOST people have things they will splurge on...other things they will do without.
How about you? What's your splurg? What do you save on?

I might save on fancy dinners out and $11 dollar tickets at the movies...but have no problem dropping some big cash on Italian shoes. You?
Aug 31st 2013 new
Laura - I agree totally. I rarely go to movies, spend very little on clothes (love garage sales), drive a 1999 compact car and get inexpensive haircuts. On the other hand, I love gourmet coffee beans, things for my home and I have a dog with expensive medical needs. Being thrifty is saving on things that aren't important to you and having the means to pay for what is important. I can also afford to contribute to those church-based charities that mean the most to me.
Aug 31st 2013 new
I always find myself having to spending money for things/tools that i need around the house or yard..and i try to find stuff on Sale whenever i can.. but if it comes to buying a new Tennis racquet or my Bike..well that may be a diff story. biggrin
Aug 31st 2013 new
I have never bought makeup. I use coupons and save wherever I can in groceries and household items. I am a very careful shopper with clothes. I buy very high quality sheets & towels at rock bottom prices. And I am a tablecloth queen! I love tablecloths! I can't get enough! I have them for every occasion. And delight in setting a fine table!
Aug 31st 2013 new
I splurge on travel -- taking the trip at all, I mean. During the trip I usually travel as cheaply as possible (camping, eating cracker & cheese).
Aug 31st 2013 new
Byzantine Icon art supplies. I love the pigments that are hard to find and expensive. I don't buy a lot of clothes or shoes. I'm a very careful and thoughtful shopper, but don't let me loose in an art store!
Aug 31st 2013 new
I enjoy concerts. If there is someone I like in town, I'll buy a ticket - occasionally up close. Even the high seats are pricey. As long as I get to go, I'm happy.

I agree that travel is a good thing to splurge on. It creates memories. (Some co-workers wanted me to share a room with them in Vegas - 4 to a small room!). I declined and splurged on my own room. It was worth it. wink
Sep 5th 2013 new
I spend almost nothing on clothing, shop at thrift stores for work clothes and things that wear out. Try to keep the grocery bill at a minimum. Rarely go to the movies. Don't have cable. I do spend too much at the local coffee shop. Occasionally buy gizmos or old furniture at the thrift store that I don't really need. Waste some gas on exploring the city or drives in the country.
When it comes down to it, I'm not stingy or afraid to spend money on a special occasion, but I try to live within my means.
Sep 9th 2013 new
I buy almost everything resale and save 75% most of the time on clothes and furniture. I just bought a Northface Pullover today with the tags still on it at the resale shop for $12 it would have cost me at least $58 new from the store. I bought a desk new with the tags still on it for $79 that is still on the target website for $140. I spurge on kayaks. I paid quiet a bit for a kayak I bought at THe Alpine shop a few months back. It evens out in the end I guess.
Sep 14th 2013 new
I'm not big on stuff, but I love new experiences. Folks always seem surprised how much my kids and I travel. We usually do so fairly inexpensively; we're more tent or cabin than Bellagio Las Vegas, but we have made it from Washington D.C to Yellowstone.

I love live music and can hardly wait until the kids are old enough to attend concerts.

We also spend money on live shows. My kids love theater, probably because I do. When something comes through Omaha that they might like, I scrounge some tickets. We also have season tickets to the Children's theater here in town, so that's a number of guaranteed experiences. Stomp! is here tonight and I am debating buying tickets even though the washer just went out. We'll see if fiscal responsibility or fun wins. scratchchin

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