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Aug 31st 2013 new
(quote) Rizavilla-990068 said: in my case, though I've been here for a couple of days, won't deny that am frustrated and a bit confused, still lots of questions i have in mind, does active/paying members here do see my profile or at least see that am online? or those my favorite lists only can see after sending them a message that i added them as my favorite? confused too with primary search, i tried to edit for new search yet every time i log in i still see the same list? is there something wrong?

But then even i have frustrations and questions, just lift up to God all my concerns here on CM and wait for an answered prayer, as always thanked him for the responses i got ...
Anyone who searches or browses can see you, and can see if you're online or not, as long as you are within their set search parameters. If they put in 'age 50-60,' they won't see you, but if they include your age, country, whatever, then you should show up. It doesn't matter if they're a favorite or whatever.
Aug 31st 2013 new
Hi Rachel,

Thanks for trying to clear things up, but really, only Jerry can do that.

Aug 31st 2013 new

Sad that SOME PEOPLE are not on this site to find a MATCH. But we cannot deny that MOST single who joins dating site like CM have one purpose to find their match/soulmate.

Been to dating site, upgrade my membership with the thought that its safe from scammers and players. Unfortunately it doesnt help. My account is still there, not active after joining CM , though its my prerogative to go online in both dating sites but I prefer to choose one and am choosing to stay and meet my match here on CM.

(from Laraine Bennett)

"CatholicMatch can help you find your soul mate and maybe even yourself! Unlock the secret to your personality by understanding your temperament and that of your friends and even potential spouse"

Sep 1st 2013 new
Since I feel the question has been answered, and there are previous similar Threads that deal with this Topic, this one is going to be locked. Thanks to all that shared new or additional information.
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