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Sep 9th 2013 new
1. I notice that there are new members on CM, are still confuse of the sites features... got one message asking on how to navigate things here.. wondering how did i find him and how to view my profile, i tried to answer him as much as i can... but, is there are way for new members to be orient of the flow of how really CM works... (at least to avoid confusion and expectations..)
2. one post here says the meaning of an eye under the photo, means your "online" ... is that really the meaning of an eye under the photo? then why those new/old members on the list of online members (through homepage) are not online at all? is there any signs that someone is really online besides an eye under a photo?
3.How does CM dealt with profile without pictures.. ?

Sep 9th 2013 new
If you go to the upper-right hand corner of your CM page, next to your name/member number you will see an arrow pointing downward. Click on that arrow. Click on Help. There are many topics in this area that might answer some of your questions.

Also, when your are in this forum (Community Help), scroll through the many topics that other members have asked about. Read through them. You might find many of your questions answered via this route as well.
Sep 9th 2013 new
Hi Wendy,

thanks for the help.. i saw it since day 1 here, am just trying to ask, hoping that others could give me clear answers too, so that if someone will ask, i can help them...

thanks so much and God bless you... smile
Sep 9th 2013 new
Hi Rizavilla,

Wendy has given some great advice for finding answers to questions regarding the site.

The eye symbol does mean that someone is online. If you send someone a message or a chat request, they may technically be logged in, but away from their computer, or they may have forgotten to logout completely. The site does not have a way of knowing if someone is actually facing their computer screen at any given moment.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by #3. CM members are allowed to set up a profile without pictures. When I first joined the site, I was a bit uncomfortable with online dating, and didn't have any pictures either. If you read a profile that does not have pictures but you are interested in what they have written, you may wish to send them an emotigram. It may get that person out of their shell a little bit, and a bit more comfortable with the site.
Sep 9th 2013 new
HI Angela,

thanks too for the help... i do appreciate it as well as Wendy's answer... big help for me whom still adjusting... at least new members would have an idea on what to do...

God bless you

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