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I need help doing.........

Sep 9th 2013 new
After a couple of threads, I thought a spot here where those that have handyman issues, and those that can possibly help was in order.

Many things can be handled by the homeowner even those with minimal size or strength.

This is not a "ask Tim". This is a ask CMers
Sep 9th 2013 new
Grrr. I have a number of things that need fixing around my house, and a number of projects (like boxes of papers to be sorted, photos to be sorted & put in albums, stuff like that) that no one but me could do. That's why I would prefer someone else do those housey jobs for me while I work on tasks only I could do. However, being without income at present really decides for me what gets done and what gets delayed for another long time.
Sometimes it really stinks to be a single mom..... sad
Sep 9th 2013 new
I'm in the same boat it too me 4 months just to find someone willing to do some minor exterior repairs. Now on the my roof leak or condensation problem. I get a different story form every roofer that looks at my roof. ???
Sep 9th 2013 new
Leaking roofs without obvious holes are harder to diagnose. Water can travel long distances before dripping down and coming into your living space.

That said there are a few things to look for on your roof for starters.

Flashing ( metal) around chimneys are a big one. So are the rubber boots that go around any pipes sticking up. They get old.
Missing/damaged shingles, nails sticking up and ridge vents if you have them. It's also important to keep gutters clean as heavy rain can back up water under the shingles.

If you have something specific please post it and we can all help out!
Sep 9th 2013 new
I assist people nation-wide by answering questions submitted to the "Electrical" section of the "do it yourself" Forum ---

Any CM member in the New York / New England area who need assistance with home repairs, re-modeling ,re-wiring , etc., is welcome to contact me.
Sep 9th 2013 new
my s-i-l is a plumber and I have forced myself [lol] to learn some repairs
but my house is way past anything I can fix...........
will try to get more specific as I wade through all these jobs....sigh
Sep 9th 2013 new
This is why we need teleporters, so we could teleport ourselves over, help with your chores, pinch some cake out of your fridge and go home. And do it all again the next day ... and the next ... as long as, Marie Antoinette might say, there is cake to eat.
Sep 9th 2013 new
I need help cleaning the gutters on the upper levels of my huge house -- I go up the extension ladder almost far enough,but just can't make myself go up the last 3 rungs (which would put me on the tippy-top-est rung -- bad idea anyhow) and way too high off the ground,but the tree pine trees and 1 maple tree make it a necessity! Any hints for bravery?
And I need help trimming some way high up limbs from my maple tree so they don't extend over my roofs -- same problem as above.
And I think I need help roofing a couple sections of my lower roofs, but they are steep!
Probably not the jobs you are offering help with, hmm.
Ok -- I need to replace a bathroom mirror and lights -- I'm scared of electrical stuff and the old medicine cabinet has live wires but the lights don't work -- no,it doesn't just need new bulbs, lol.
And making forms to pour new cement porch steps.
And replacing a yard light that the storm took out -- the post is there, the wiring is there, the top with the lamp needs the old clampy thing cut off and the new lamp top put on.
Try that teleport thing -- I have fresh offerings in the kitchen!
Sep 9th 2013 new
I have also had a problem where a PVC pipe in the attack was leaking, this is also a possibility.
Sep 9th 2013 new
(quote) Rachel-731570 said: I need help cleaning the gutters on the upper levels of my huge house
The following link is to a product sold in both Home Depot ad Lowes Stores.
It is a $20.00 extension wand that can be hooked up to your hose and act as a 5 foot extension that can be used to spray
the leaves out of the otherwise unreachable gutter above you on the ladder. It can be messy if not agneled properly away from you when spraying - but can be a lot cheaper than calling in a gutter cleaning company.

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