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I like to cook, but I have never made bread and now I feel a need to make Soda Bread. The recipe I have seen requires a choice between buttermilk (from the store), buttermilk (from heavy whipping cream), sour milk, and heated milk with lemon juice added. The recipe I was thinking of using comes from the book "The Joy of Cooking", which is a great book.

The big questions is if there is a big difference between the type of buttermilk/sour mild used? Anybody out there had experience with this stuff? One interesting note that the "The Joy of Cooking" makes is that milk from the store technically does not sour, it spoils, and that buttermilk from the store is not the same as buttermilk from heavy whipping cream and thus they require different recipes. In fact buttermilk is technically the byproduct of making butter, which if it (the butter) is made from heavy whipping cream is supposed to be much tastier than real butter from the store. To extend shelf life, the production process of the dairies sacrafice taste.

.... and so you might wonder why not just buy the soda bread from the store? .... because this is September and a friend is bringing a guest into her store on the 12th to talk about James Joyce.... and she needs Irish snacks.... and stores do not sell soda bread in September.... I suggested the usual (Guinness, Jamesons, Poteen, Bailey's) but that would require a sobriety checkpoint at the door....:)

Should you be interested my friend's store sells rare, used, and collectible books. The store has a couple first edition's of Joyce, Twain, and Upton well as some books which are over 300 years old.

Sep 9th 2013 new
Irish Soda Bread is delicious! Use the buttermilk from heavy cream. Enjoy!!
Sep 9th 2013 new
Hi Rachel,

Thanks for the reply

Have you used the buttermilk from the heavy cream before? Do you have any tips?

Sep 10th 2013 new
After eating Soda Bread in Ireland, I bought an Irish cookbook and was determined to duplicate it when I got home. I tried several different recipes and several different types of milk but could never get the same Soda Bread that I ate in Ireland. The butter in Ireland is wonderful also, so I bought Irish butter at the store but was disappointed. Sorry, I'm not much help, but I do remember who wonderful that Soda Bread with Irish butter was.
Sep 12th 2013 new
There is one thing that cannot be duplicated - the production factory of the Normandy cow. The richness of the Normandy grasses from Europe are transferred to the food product. Thus I have never had gelato like that in Italy or France. The same holds true for butter. If it was fresh butter, there is nothing out there that will beat it for flavor!

Apparently the only thing difficult (per YouTube) about making butter is finding the fresh cream, everything is homogenized now. Another point is that the Europeans have this rich diet and yet remain so thin and healthy .... Why?

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