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I believe the CatholicMatch homepage should be tailored to our match criteria, and not serve as a kind of 'Newsfeed' a la Facebook so that we can keep tabs on the activities of other members. That's one of the reasons I deleted my Facebook account years ago and why I'm never going back, limited networking options be darned! I don't begrudge what other members do on CM, but I'm serious at pursuing my vocation, which I believe is to the married life.

I know that the administrators have invested many hours and capital into fashioning a sort of "social networking" veneer for the format of the site, but frankly, while I do on occasion exchange pleasantries with other members who seek me out, and while I also appreciate the prayer and support apparatus of CatholicMatch which does bring healing to troubled members (and I am NOT proposing that this function of CatholicMatch be altered or removed in any way), I didn't become a member of CatholicMatch merely to socialize with other Catholics; that's important too I suppose but it is a secondary or tertiary concern at best.

So, before I'm pilloried for this, let me repeat that my suggestion does NOT propose that the prayer and support apparatus of CatholicMatch, (or even to any of these other fora) which give hope and healing to many members be altered in any way. I just don't want my homepage filled with minutiae, OK?
Sep 8th 2013 new
I couldn't agree with you more Devan. It's great that you can socialize with other Catholics and like minded people like ourselves here, but this site when it all boils down to it, is about dating and looking for that other person to create a family with. It's hard as is being a single Catholic these days especially when it seems that the faith or at least practicing faithful Catholics are starting to diminish. I support the idea that CatholicMatch's homepage should be catered to our match criteria.

Sep 8th 2013 new
The following could easily be bookmarked in any browser to be used as the new landing page for your visits to CM and as such act as your homepage link:
With the added benefit that the CatholicMatch advertising does not even show on that page (at the moment anyway).

"I just don't want my homepage filled with ... "
Personally I feel it is CM's homepage (as is the entire site) not mine.
Any particular aspect of the site can be bookmarked and linked alllowing quick access to a preferred aspect of the site by each individual subscriber.
Sep 8th 2013 new
I did agree with the change of the home page. You can one click and search, find your matches and make changes to your profile.

One way to meet a match is in the forums. I know of many people that post daily and have viewed someones profile and than began communicating with them. If someone follows what you write and comments on your statement then you might have just meet the person that God has meant to meet.

Another place many people have meet there match is through the local or larger gatherings. I know of many that this is where there friendship has begun and are married today.

Just my two cents.
Sep 10th 2013 new
When I was seeking I found it interesting to look at the homepage and see what's new.. I don't necessarily believe that the right person for us is going to come from 'our' criteria.. I think sometimes our criteria is too exclusive..
Sep 10th 2013 new
My criteria, to the extent that there is anything nonnegotiable about it, is unwavering fidelity to Catholic teaching, that is, no cafeteria Catholics, and yet, they're all over my homepage. That's stupid because that's an obvious incompatibility. The only time I would ever renege on that is if there was someway to determine that the person was willing to learn more about Catholic teaching. What I have learned countless times and in colorful language from trying to reach out to people who refuse Catholic teaching. There is an obvious incompatibility here that I think could be easily fixed.

Unfortunately, and this is a subject for another thread, Catholic match has, and does, by refusing to make certain changes (which would slightly diminish their profit margins, but hey aren't you in the business of doing God's work?) facilitate the meeting of dissident Catholics who share similar match criteria and that annoys me to no end. On my homepage I'll come across singles who write in their profiles that they're looking for a "moderate" Catholic, not an "extremist." Apparently loyalty and fidelity are extreme.
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