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Any women not sports fans?

Sep 11th 2013 new
I know it is hard to believe, but I am a guy who is a Army veteran , who enjoys target practice and long walks, horses and dogs, but does not like sports! not even on TV. ever. After having been married for over 25 years, I find myself having a lot of proublems dating because it seems that every woman I meet is a big sports fan. Are there any women out there who are not big sports fans? or should I just give up?
Sep 11th 2013 new
I only watch my kids in sports and the occasional Olympic event! But -- I will play them!
Sep 11th 2013 new
It's always been the women in my family who like sports. I used to watch and follow the sport of figure skating closely with my mom. I've always been a big baseball fan but only care about one team The St. Louis CARDINALS :-). I gave up on the RAMs years ago and football bores me to death but I love hockey and the St. Louis BLUES. Soccer is ok but beyond that I don't follow sports though I do enjoy watching the Olympics when they are on.
Sep 11th 2013 new
any nhl..............sometimes, cannot keep me away from radio or tv

my youngest also plays minor hockey and I run the clock often...

my special boy is in special O which I watch also......
Sep 11th 2013 new
I'm not a sports fan. My entire family is into football especially the Green Bay Packers. Every year I try and get into it but I can't.
Sep 11th 2013 new
Hi Bill

Welcome to CM and to forums... i just love Michael Jordan but am not a sports fan... wink
Sep 11th 2013 new
I'm not a sports fan and nobody in my family is. That said, I would never write someone off because they like sports. It can be fun to watch games live and ultimately, I think it's all right to have some interests that you don't share with your partner as long as you have some things in common.
Sep 11th 2013 new
I am not a big sports fan. I only enjoy watching basketball, particularly the Lakers or Miami Heat. I like to watch basketball games with my 94 year-old grandmother, who is a big Lakers fan.
Sep 12th 2013 new
Many women feel that being a sports fan makes it more likely that they'll find a boyfriend - common interest and all.

I was a jock in school but haven't set foot inside a stadium or watched a game on TV since Jimmy Carter was the president.
Sep 20th 2013 new
Sadly, i've found the same since coming to NE. i'm afraid we're going to have to leave the state to find individuals of either sex who are not Huskers fans. We'll probably have to go to WY or SD to find others who are interested in shooting, at least get the heck out of the big cities! weeping laughing sad laughing laughing
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