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Would you be willing to relocate if you found the right person?
Aug 27th 2013 new
I think I might (but really not sure).Most of my children are in this area.I would miss them .Definitely would not go cross country.A radius of 50 to 100 miles ok.I hope that does not sound selfish.I just moved 2 years ago.I swear I would never do it again.I didn't realize that I had so much "stuff".
Aug 27th 2013 new
I have lived all over the US! There is something wonderful in every corner. And after living from coast to coast and number of places in between, I can easily say, "YES!" I did it before as a military spouse, and would do it again for love! So.... Is it ME, NJ, NC, FL, MI, IL, MO, NE, KS, OK, TX, AZ, NM, CA, OR, WA, just tell me where to send the goods & I will drive the car!
Aug 27th 2013 new
there are many factors to consider when special needs kids are concerned..........
so ''maybe'' rather than no
Aug 27th 2013 new
If I met the right person I would be willing to relocate. I do not have children so there are not real ties for me. I can relocate.
Aug 27th 2013 new
I meant I do not have children so I have no ties apologies for the typo!
Aug 28th 2013 new
Probably, it I found my true love I would be willing to change locations.
Aug 28th 2013 new
I would move, but it would take some time to really know that person. Which brings up another question... How long would you have to know someone for you to move? Would you move to get married or move to spend more time with someone face to face and then bring up marriage thing?
Aug 28th 2013 new
yes...I would go where God told me to go. And hopefully graciously so.
Sep 12th 2013 new
I can't right now, because I have a teenage son in high school. However, as soon as he enters college or trade school, I am so out of here (Michigan), with or without a match. Very willing to relocate at that time. South or southwest, preferably (sorry Canada).
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