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the totally not dealbreakers

Sep 14th 2013 new
I have seen lots of threads on here about dealbreakers in relationships.

What's a thing (or three) that you'd be happy if your future husband / wife had-liked-did-etc but that is absolutely, positively not a dealbreaker, or anything close to it? [the more unique, the better!]

For me: a rounded nose, freckles, likes snow
Sep 14th 2013 new
It'd be awesome if my future spouse could read Latin, Ancient Greek, and Hebrew. wink
Sep 14th 2013 new
(quote) Jean-504066 said: It'd be awesome if my future spouse could read Latin, Ancient Greek, and Hebrew.
Not Aramaic?

Sep 14th 2013 new

......still thinking.... scratchchin
Sep 14th 2013 new
Wish my future hubby would enjoy being self sufficient (a survivalist), jump on my soapboxes with me, and wouldn't mind watching The Sound of Music over and over again! Of course, it would be awesome if he loved the smell of freshly turned soil as much as I do!
Sep 14th 2013 new
(quote) Mary-976718 said: and wouldn't mind watching The Sound of Music over and over again! 
Hmmm...not sure about that movie over and over again. I wouldn't mind "The Little Mermaid".....Don't judge. laughing tongue
Sep 14th 2013 new
laughing laughing laughing Love that one too!
Sep 14th 2013 new
I watched it enough with my kids. My kids are 5 years apart. That Sebastian is hilarious!
Sep 14th 2013 new
Someone who would like to learn Italian or Spanish with me (I've studied a bit of each but it would be cool to have someone to converse with just for the fun of it!).
Sep 14th 2013 new
The dictionary lists 27 definitions of "deal" , which could be either a noun or verb; I'll presume "deal" as applied to this discussion conforms to Def. #18 : "A bargain or agreement / arrangement for mutual advantage"."Dealbreaker" connotes something that would terminate the "agreement" , the "agreement" in this context the tacit understanding between a man and a woman who are united as a couple.

My understanding is that we are welcomed to state characteristics or foibles in a partner that are acceptable to us as individuals and therefore would not be 'dealbreakers" for ourselves , though such could certainly be reasons for others to "break" the "deal".

Hmm---what would I accept or tolerate in my partner that others would not ---for "starters" I'll say I would accept a woman who was not able to cook or keep neat house ( within a tolerable limit) beacuse I'd be glad to do such things for both of us.

????? : Am I on the "right track" in understanding and defining this discussion?
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