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Too much on profile?

Sep 17th 2013 new
I have been asking myself this question for awhile, so I decided to post it here too; did I put too much info about myself into my profile? I'm still not getting any hits at all, I did go on a date with someone, but it didn't work out, which is fine. But I have had winks and hellos from people, then nothing else. And if i try sending out a message or emoticon, 98% of the time i get nothing back, and if I do, it's just an emoticon and that's it. I find it disheartening, wondering that there's something with me they don't like, or maybe I put too much feeling into what I wrote.

So my question is, would members reading this mind looking at my profile, and provide some crticism on what I have written? Thank you for your time
Sep 17th 2013 new
Matthew.............see if this link opens for you. It is similar and has a lot of info.
Sep 17th 2013 new
Personally, I like to see some real information in a guy's profile. Many don't seem to want to divulge anything -- but how is the gal going to know what to talk to you about if you don't write anything? Also, it's my opinion that guy who writes something substantial is probably good at conversation, too.

Just don't get too detailed about your job...esp. if you're an engineer or IT guy. rolling eyes

Sep 17th 2013 new
Hi Matthew I looked at your profile and you seem to be a fine, well rounded gentlemen. Many people on this site have the same difficulty with connecting I believe because of distance, job commitments etc. You are still very young- go to as many Catholic single activities at your church and hopefully you will find the "right' lady. Good Luck and God Bless!
Sep 17th 2013 new
Hi Matthew,

I think a lot of the women around here want to hear from the man first. Have you found profiles you like and sent something to the woman regarding her profile? Have you liked anyone's photos? My daughter (18 yrs.) said if people like your photos that is a good sign. I don't know. Maybe you should send emails asking the women questions about something in their profile that interests you.

Take care. biggrin theheart
Sep 17th 2013 new
Hi Matt,

There are only three things I can think of that they might be reacting to:

1) You live at home.

That wouldn't bother me, especially since you're doing it to save money, but some women view it as a red flag no matter what.

2) You want to live near your family

This naturally eliminates anyone who doesn't want to live in Pennsylvania.

3) You say you only want to date women within driving distance

But people have different ideas about what counts as within driving distance, so you might think a woman is within it, but she might think she's too far away.

Other than that I can't think of anything. You seem like a responsible guy who has his act together. But keep in mind that some women might read your profile and realize they don't have very many interests in common with you or they might say no because of preferences they have. I think that's the problem with on-line dating. It makes it too easy for people to eliminate others without even meeting them.

God bless,

Sep 17th 2013 new
Hi Matthew, I think your profile is fine, but sometimes all we need to see is one uncommon interest and that match is eliminated from the list. This is unfortunate since no two people will be an exact match. I agree with Jean that most women are waiting for the man to contact them. I will respond to a message or emote but won't make contact again unless the man does. It's difficult to get to know someone unless the communication continues. I say send two or three messages before giving up on someone, then if you don't hear back move on. Wishing you the best in your quest for your match.

Thank you Jean for the heads up on the distance question. I also had within driving distance but since I live near the top of the world that is not very practical.

Sep 17th 2013 new
I thought your profile looked good. Any advise I can think of has already been given. Just don't get discouraged. You might miss all but once, but if you never try you can't even get that one time.
Sep 18th 2013 new

Hi Matthew. "Too much" can be subjective. The reality is some people do not write enough information so you can't tell if you have much, if anything in common. It's worse when they write, "If you want to know more, just ask me" and when you do they never reply. Then there are people who do reveal too much so you know you have too many things that are NOT in common.

With that being said, realize a high rate of non-replies is normal on this site so it may have nothing to do with how much you put in your profile.

Sep 18th 2013 new
You've got less than I do so no worries man.
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