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Checking my inbox and saw this "This member does not wish to communicate with you."
I have no idea what i have done wrong... as far as i remember I've been nice to this gent whom kept on sending messages at me yesterday.. tried to be nice and replied as much as i could... he even send a message inviting me to add more photos of me... which i did... but then repeating sending at me the same message 3x (the person invited you to add more photos). I feel that his playing with me that's why i answered him.. "If you have problems, i'll include you in my prayers.."..
Would like to ask "
This member does not wish to communicate with you." means that am being blocked? Not my intention to offend anyone...

Sep 19th 2013 new
Yes, this message does mean that the member chose to block communication with you.

People often place blocks for very silly reasons, like a simple "Happy Birthday" emotigram, so I wouldn't think too deeply about it.
Sep 19th 2013 new
Sounds like he was trying to be polite at first, decided he didn't want to go further, so he chickened out and just blocked you instead of explaining the situation. It's probably just his fault, not yours.
Sep 19th 2013 new
"Chickened out" is exactly the right phrase. Mature people end contact by some kind of farewell message.

The only time, IMHO, that it's appropriate to "block" someone is when he/she is harassing which case a Help Ticket is appropriate.
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