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Jun 10th 2013 new
Thank you all for your responses. It's nice to know there are people out there who will take their spare time to put their two cents in and offer constructive advice or encouragement. I will keep trying and try to lower my expectations. You're right, this isn't a drive-thru match making service and I think I need to open my eyes and understand that this is something that will take time.

Thank you everyone for responding.
God Bless,
Nikki Praying
Jun 24th 2013 new
As Marge says the hard reality is that few will meet someone here. Some do. I'm going to CM wedding this weekend so there is hope just don't let CM be your only hope. Get out enjoy life and use this site as one of many venues for seeking a partner in life.
Sep 19th 2013 new
Hi Nicole,

You're not alone. You have every right to second guess. I'm in the same vote as you. Cheer up! Stay on this place for a bit longer.
Sep 19th 2013 new
(quote) Nicole-958786 said: I've been on here 3 months and have sent probably 100 messages. I 've only gotten 1 reply so far so either I'm totally repulsive or the men on CM are not serious about making friends and possibly life partners.
I've only been here two months and haven't sent out as many as messages you have, but I also have one response. Stinks, right?
Sep 23rd 2013 new
You are not alone...sometimes the people who are reading our profiles aren't not in the mood to get to know us better. I'll admit I've been on here a few years and I get sad about it. This morning I got a message saying "this member does not wish to communicate with you." It was the first one I've got since I joined this dating site and it made me question what I did wrong. I sent a simple emotigram greeting of hello and asking about what they mentioned on their profile. Anyways, I sometimes believe I am too young to be on this dating site and I guess I'm not good with talking to women...There are few who have messaged but then later on I just get the silent treatment and I'm the same way too with some of the girls. So, the saying "what goes around comes around" seem to apply perfectly with my own dating experience. I try to be honest as much as possible.and If there is one part I believe some women ignore about some men is their willingness to travel at a young age. Anyways - I've read the success stories of meeting people using this website and I enjoy reading the articles written by the members. They help me feel better when I don't get any women interested in messaging me and maybe it has to do with my grammar and spelling...well if that is the case I better stop messaging people.

P.S.I wouldn't mind writing and mailing hand written letters to women around my age. However, how can I go asking a woman to be my penpal when I could hardly get a reply to my messages? Let's be honest I get the meaning of rejection but at the same time a man has the same opportunity to reject girls too. So, I must learn to accept the fact that it is only fair to reject someone equally as you would if you're not interested.
Sep 25th 2013 new
If you view CM as a tool and enjoy the forums, the friendships that you may make, read the success and are positive and hopeful you will not be disappointed. Everything happens in God's time not ours. Pray, keep the faith and trust in God. Peace and blessings.
Sep 27th 2013 new
i just talk to people and use it as a chance to get to know other Catholics.
I also recommend forums as a good way to communicate and "see" people.
Thank you for leading the topic.
Good luck with everything.
Sep 29th 2013 new
Hey Nikki,
I too, like you and many others have felt that same frustration. Initially, I think I put too much focus and time into CM. I've had to remind myself that this is one avenue and not let it distract me from where God has placed me daily; work, family, hobbies, friends. God wants me to be present and engaged where I'm at, but not to shut the door if He should choose to use this site in my life...pray for the grace to be present, knowing your single-hood is a gift to you at this moment-hard to admit, but no less true!
Oct 8th 2013 new
You have to give this a chance and also be proactive. A friend of mine met his wife on here 2 years ago. He told me as advice the only way to give this a really good chance of being successful is to "cast a wide net" he told me he was sending 50-100 emotigrams to different women. I also have struggled with this for the past 2 years I've wondered why I was single but then I realized I log on here a couple times but have stopped sending messages, I don't actively participate in Young Adult groups with single women, I make little to no effort to put myself in places whether it be those YA groups or YA masses to potentially meet someone. In other words I'm praying for a future spouse but expecting God to have her magically appear. So I think it's all about how much you put into this site. Hope that helps.
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