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The Perfect Age?

Sep 29th 2013 new
Sep 29th 2013 new
50. Old enough to know better and young enough to enjoy better.
Sep 29th 2013 new
The perfect age for what? Dating? Marriage? Learning? Sport? Travels?
Luck is an attitude, so I think age is allways perfect for something good to learn, to try, to start, to move out of your comfort zone.
Today is a good day:)
Sep 29th 2013 new
(quote) Barbara-605462 said: 50. Old enough to know better and young enough to enjoy better.
clap Wolf Whistle thumbsup
Sep 29th 2013 new
Oops! I hit the wrong key! biggrin That was a senior moment.

Those older than 33 are gonna love this post...

From what I recall (see? the memory is going!) one of our pious Catholic traditions is that when we are transfigured we will all have 33 year old faces and bodies. Just like Jesus who died at age 33. Praying

This is my Jubilee 50 year, where just like the Israelites, i've chosen to allow God to wipe the whole slate clean through Divine mercy and forgiveness.

But... What lies ahead?

This all got me contemplating in metaphor drawn from our Sacred art and music.

Have any of you seen the Rose Window in Notre Dame Cathedral? Fr. Robert Barron winds down his book 'Catholicism' observing that the rose Window is a meditation on the numbers 8 and 88. He explains, "Eight is the symbol of eternity, since it stands immediately outside of seven, which evokes the seven days of the week, or the completed cycle of time."

I went through a gloriously irascible stage I called "octogenarian snob" a couple years ago, when I would wake up every morning and have a holy hour breakfast with three giant B's buzzing in my bonnet: Balthasar, Benedict, and Barth. It was the opposite of hanging with simple believers, shepherd folk, Eucharistic adorers. it was like hanging out with the Three Wise Kings who were pouring treasure troves of literary adoration at the Child Jesus' feet. Besides having a shared love of Mozart in common, they were reflecting back on their long life's journey to find the face of The Lord. All three were well older than eighty at the time of their writings.

Can any of you sympathize with how faint the rest of my day was listening to young pups under 80 yapping about who knows what?

The Rose Window has 88 shapes. Is it coincidental that there are 88 keys on a standard piano? When I listen to Pope Benedict, I could swear he was writing Theological music, virtuoso like Mozart, hitting all 88 keys.

(I think this is what Pope Francis is saying. " pounding the same 4 or 5 dark keys over and over. Its gonna wake up the nasty neighbors! There are some high keys like joy, hope, and mercy and some low keys like humility, service, and simplicity our family and good-willed friends need to hear ." I digress.)

8 - the pure heart of a child genius - who is trusting simple, and affectionate embodying still the hope all 8 beatitudes (Howard Gardener also posits 8 types of genius. This is fun to ponder.)

88 -- The mature wisdom of an adult who knows true from false, good from evil, and better from best.

St. Thomas was said to have the piety of a child along with the wisdom of an adult. (No wonder he was given a sneak preview of the Big Show!) The same twinkle in the eye of my 80 year old mom who passed away this Spring was the same one I'm sure her father saw when she was an 8 year old child.

Simple things are the best things after all. Bugs and hugs, butterflies and Baby's feet!

Sep 29th 2013 new
whatever age I happen to be is the perfect age
Sep 29th 2013 new
Ha wink I am thinking that this is a trick question...The perfect age is 50!!(spoken like a true 50 year old) or any age that you are if you are still living...or....... perhaps the perfect age is the age at which we are no longer living and in heaven with our creator...hmmm.
Sep 30th 2013 new
Trick question? I did not mean for it to be. i think you are a bit correct. Although pithy answers and jokes are always fun and welcome. But, I was hoping for answers in light of our relationship to Christ, the Liturgy, and Eternity. I wasn't asking about our perfect temporal age, or Chronos. I was alluding to Divine age, the perfect state of Grace, parousia (Real Presence, Second coming), kairos (supreme time), T.T. Elliot's "still point" or even Pleroma (the fullness of powers).

I'm sure some of the folks who know me from six years ago are having a chuckle. biggrin right about now, thinking I'm up to my usual antics. I wasn't. I likely made a mistake and should have asked this question in another forum. My mistake. On the other hand, it seems to me there should be some direct connection between Christ, liturgy, the Creed and the imagination that informs our daily lives that sets Catholics apart from our non-Catholic brothers and sisters and non-believers.
Sep 30th 2013 new
God said that our life is like one day for him, that there is no young or old for Him and relationship with him. How many saints we have young childs and teenagers. When individual meets resurrected God he (she) starts his (her) individual relationship with Christ.
The conclusion is the same- all ages are perfect for God miracles :)

just my two cents if it make sence in this forum :)
Sep 30th 2013 new
Gracious save, Vylune! Thank you!

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