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Going to Confession and doing a proper Confession is not easy. I like going to a priest that I don't know but that's not always possible. I sometimes think of that "Malachi" movie where the poor priest had to shout his Confession from his tiny row-boat because the visiting priest (or maybe Bishop?) couldn't risk being in the same boat as Malachi from the leper colony. We are so lucky to have access to our priests. We need to pray that that the Holy Spirit fills more worthy young and middle age men to become holy Catholic priests in affluent first world countries like Australia etc...
Sep 17th 2013 new
Most times there is a certain amount of embarrassment. But I do believe the priest is aware that I feel very vulnerable. I see the encounter as an opportunity for prayerful support in following Jesus.
Sep 17th 2013 new
I am always very embarrassed to go to confession. I know that we aren't born perfect and as long as we are alive we will sin in one way or another. But the fact that you have to go to your priest and confess straight to his face makes it so hard. I know that he will be performing his duty in office but I can't stop seeing him "just" as a priest. Me and my priest are very close and we often have an informal coffee/dinner together. He was also the one who invested a lot of time and effort to make me understand the many mysteries of the Catholic faith. Therefore I don't see him only as a priest but also as a friend. Confessing my sins to him also feels like an acknowledgment that I have failed him as a friend.
Sep 17th 2013 new
Never embarrassed to go to confession, just my sins sometimes. I go to priests that are my friends all the time.
Sep 17th 2013 new
(quote) Sally-1011334 said: Going to Confession and doing a proper Confession is not easy.
Sally...........Depending on circumstances, one can be embarrassed. I did my first communion very young. At that age and the Church we went to, Mexico, my confession was always kneeling down in front of the Priest. We got to know each other very well.

My last Parish, one had the option to face the Priest or with a divider. A parishioner once told me, "I always face him. I love the challenge. I don't get embarrassed. It is a good feeling showing humility.
Sep 17th 2013 new
I am always embarrassed but I go regardless
Sep 17th 2013 new

Embarrassed? No. Humbled? Yes!

I absolutely love the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I admit that it has taken me years to reach this point! wink

I'm very blessed to have an extremely helpful and wise confessor at this time. I make an effort to go to Confession weekly and I meet with Father for spiritual direction occasionally.

I receive the Sacrament frequently not because I'm doing anything really bad, but because I want to be good, and I want to do better, to be my best for God. In the Sacrament, I feel God's Grace pouring over me and giving me the strength to fight the battles in my day to day life.

As a widow, the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the spiritual guidance I've received from Father have helped me move from a grief journey to a healing journey.

Sep 19th 2013 new
For some reason I find praying for the confessor while waiting and preparing -- and asking Padre Pio to reveal anything Iay have forgotten puts me at peace as I enter-- I also prefer face to face -- and find the more I go the more I understand the grace of penance & reconciliation/forgiveness
Sep 19th 2013 new
Anything I may have forgotten
Oct 1st 2013 new
I've never felt embarrassed but I did leave still feeling guilty.
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