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I am in a strange place right now, where I'm not sure where I should live or work, but I need to decide SOON. Just over a week ago, I followed a shoplifter out of the store where I work and tried to get her license plate #. She became aware of me and after exchanging a few words, she sped away... hitting me in the knee in the process. I stayed overnight in the hospital and had surgery the next day to repair my tibia (shin bone). I will be out of work for approximately 12 weeks total and then only be able to stand for short periods when I return. My job is standing for a 10 hour shift 5 days a week and 4 hours on Saturday. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to return to that job... even with accomodations. My surgeon acted as if there was going to be some level of permanent disability even after all the recovery and physical therapy. Just before this happened, I'd been feeling a little fed-up. Of course, I'd also been sick for three weeks and driving back and forth (just under 2 hours each way) to see my mom in the nursing home on my one day off a week.. I really needed a vacation. Now I can't drive. Maybe, eventually, I'll be able to drive left-footed... at least until my right leg heals. But when I go back to work, will it be a different kind of work, and if so, what?

As for my home, it needs major repairs, and I have the opportunity to walk away from it - without getting any equity, but also without the constant drain of repairs a 90 year old house needs. I'm not sure I could sell it and get any money, but I'd definitely need to do some repairs/renovations before it would be worth anything to anyone else!

I would love to move to another state and start over with a new job and a house in the country, but everyone, except my brother, lives here in Nebraska. My daughter's health being as fragile as it is, could turn on a dime and I don't want to be thousands of miles away if she needs me. So I'm resigned to staying in the neighborhood of Omaha. I'd like to move out of THIS neighborhood, though. There is too much of the gritty inner-city where I live (drunks passing out on their way to the homeless shelters, gangs, shootings...). There's also the possibility that as the downtown area is revitalized, my area, too, will improve. I really don't know. We found two homes that sound promising, one that is way too big for us, but would allow us my mom to come stay with us whenever she wants for as long as she wants. It's not in the best neighborhood, and is a little more expensive than I'd like to commit to. Another house is perfect for us, but doesn't leave that extra room that we'd like for "Grandma" to visit. Both houses are handicapped accessible, which will allow my mom to at least visit more easily than our current house.

We'd really love your prayers for the Lord's guidance - the house situation has to be decided right away.
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Sorry to hear about you situation. One can see how overwhelming this can be. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family to a more desirable situation.

Praying Praying
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Hi, Joyce;
I am, spiritually, leaning in towards you and, hopefully, have understood the situation(s).
A 90 year old house should be worth something just because it is 90 years old - and with all the repairs, too. You should be able to get something for it; albeit, given the repairs you won't get as much as you could if it were tip top; however, it must be worth something. How long have you had the mortgage on this home?
It seems that the second home may be the best bet as, it has everything you need, including the lesser cost of the mortgage and you can turn the garage into a nice room for your mom - or yourself - and give your mom the other room. If it is a double garage, you can turn it into a lovely efficiency (I am assuming there is a garage). This will also cut down on wear and tear and gas cost of driving 2 hours to visit your mom. Since you feel you need to be with your mom and maybe daughter for now - save yourself the frustrated daydream of leaving the State until the Lord gives that road to you.
Your recent and constant (?) sickness may be caused from all the hassles at work, driving, worry about home repairs, worry about your daughter, daydreaming about moving but guilty for thinking it. This time of injury has slowed you down and placed you in such a way that you can no longer have a busy day of tired thoughts and constant action. Now you are forced to "stay put". Now is the time to begin your day in prayer of (yes) thanksgiving to God for ALL he has given you - including the injury - and the healing that is on its way - of worry and fretting and acceptance of His way for you. I am really excited - I will be praying for you and lifting you up in daily Mass and Adoration. Please, won't you give me a note as to how things turn about for you all?
God bless you and keep you, all the days of your life and may you enter His gates with praise and thanksgiving at the end of your days of service here.
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rosary rose hug
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Praying theheart Praying
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Thanks, Johnny,
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Thanks, Bernadette.
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Thanks, Anne,
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Thanks, John,
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