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Oct 19th 2013 new
When I was about 6 or so we lived right across the street from a bread factory. I used to go outside and sniff the air because I loved the smell of freshly baked bread
Oct 19th 2013 new
Freshly baked bread from my parents bakery. Especially on early morning ...
Oct 19th 2013 new
My grandfather's pipe tobacco!
Oct 19th 2013 new
Home made bread in the winter, freshly plowed field in the spring, mowed hay and sweet clover.
Oct 19th 2013 new
Great topic! The smell of "Hechinger's" with my Dad... The sawed/shaved wood smell AND brewed coffee/sizzling bacon smell on weekend mornings sometimes!
Oct 19th 2013 new
New potatoes...fresh from the ground!
Oct 19th 2013 new
(quote) John-971967 said: Most memorable as a child... easy... the smell, and taste of bananas.

Yup, I had seen bananas and once smelled them at an open market, but could not afford one as they were a rarity in 1960's Croatia. Then when our plane touched down in Portland, as we emigrated to the USA in 1969, my uncle had a whole crate of bananas waiting for us at his home. I was in heaven!!!

Bananas today, meh, they're ok.

Fun thread Peter; thanks!

Ok, movie time...
John, we Americans just don't appreciate our abundance. When my kids were little we had a dog who loved bananas. He could be in the far end of the house and smell one being peeled. Always had to split it with him.
Oct 19th 2013 new
Oct 19th 2013 new
it's a toss up between laundry dried outside or cinnamon baking......probably the cinnamon buns
Oct 19th 2013 new
Fresh coffee! When I was little everyone used a two-piece glass coffee maker that worked on a vacuum principal. Water boiled in the bottom and then was forced up into the top pot where the coffee grounds were. When it cooled a little the finished coffee dropped down into the lower pot for serving. Best coffee ever. They are still available on-line at about 5 times the price of a Mr. Coffee and they probably have to be watched carefully and taken off the heat at the right time to prevent a serious accident with scalding hot coffee. Other processes cannot match the aroma of the vacuum method, however.

Sun-dried laundry is a close second.
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