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Why Less Pic of Women?

Oct 19th 2013 new
After someone asked me why I did not post my picture I sheepishly admitted that I am from a small town and that announcing that I was single and wishing to meet someone would open me up to all kinds of rumors as well as the old adage that a good girl would not advertise herself but it is ok for a man to do so.....
Curious, I looked at who was available femalewise in my rural setting and saw that there was a disproportunate number of woman without pics than men. I think I may be on to something!
Ok rural people... what do you think?
Oct 19th 2013 new
For myself, if I see no picture, that deters me away from the profile. Reasons being:

1) I have noticed a lot of spam accounts on this website.

2) I think the woman may not keep up her profile as much.

3) For the reasons you said or like you have mentioned.

Think about it this way...I know I'm fairly new yet to this online match finding but wouldn't you rather have people know that you are searching for someone?
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