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Oct 19th 2013 new
Yes ,yes! Sun dried laundry and the cap gun smell .Memories are So linked with scents,some times I get a waft of some thing ,maybe a perfume,and it will have me feeling wistful and nostalgic.
The smell of the reedy swamps in Spring when looking for water birds eggs or riding horses through bare back.
Oct 19th 2013 new
You all must live or have lived in better-smelling areas. I hated laundry off the clothesline.
Oct 19th 2013 new
My grandmother's homemade rolls straight out of the oven! And her homemade butter!!
Oct 19th 2013 new
Spring morning walks to school. Smelling the oil on my dad when he would come in from working out in his shop all day on weekends. The smell of my daddy's gun cleaner when he'd be polishing his hunting rifle. Neatsfoot oil on my leather softball mitt.
Oct 19th 2013 new
Yep, but something about her kitchen that made both taste better than I can make.
Oct 19th 2013 new
The smell of my mother's perfume "My Sin" by Lanvin. As a little girl I LOVED hugging my mom because I would always take a deep breath in when I did!
( I also loved the smell of my dad's cigars)
Oct 19th 2013 new
I was going to say the smell of my mothers homemade baked beans and apple pie on a Saturday afternoon, but reading through the thread have to agree with fresh laundry, hay curing, and freshly turned soil in spring. Can also add camp fire smoke, and the memory of being outside on a snowy winter night and smelling the wood smoke from our fireplace in the house.
Oct 19th 2013 new
Whenever we drove by a pig farm, or where a skunk had recently been, my dad would say, " Ahh, that fresh country air"
Oct 19th 2013 new
heartWhat a great thread, thanks Peter! heart
Coffee ~ my parents both drank it all day, although I don't like the taste.
Fresh laundry off of the clothesline.
Freshly mowed grass.
My mom used to wear rose perfume and my dad smelled of Irish Spring soap.
Vicks Vapor rub.
Coconut suntan oil.
Fresh sprigs of Christmas wreaths.
Springtime breezes.
Plastic beach balls.

I'm getting all misty eyed. faint rolling eyes embarassed sad
Oct 20th 2013 new
Had to add a few: camp fire, horse, and church supper fried chicken wafting through church during mass. Happy Fall! heart
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