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Oct 25th 2013 new
(quote) David-174079 said: Hi Tracy,

Thanks! Hard to believe snow is here so soon in Indiana! It's hard to beat our neighbor San Diego, of course, for a vacation destination, unless one has grown accustomed to some change of seasons. Sedona has plenty of folks from Florida, San Diego, and Hawaii who moved here have not looked back. Why? 330 days of sunshine!
According to some reports, Phoenix is the sunniest big city in America. Sedona gets pretty much what Phoenix has but is at elevation 4500 and averages 10-15 cooler temps. Not bad if one is inclined toward melancholy or SAD...
Or just plain love a year round, oudoor active lifestyle! You are more than welcome!
And, yes, I volunteered at the Chamber of Commerce...


Sedona sounds like a great place to visit. Being a Midwest gal, I need the change of seasons to keep my natural inner rhythm in tune.

Signs of new life in the spring after a long. cold, dreary, lifeless winter equals HOPE.

Strong growth, deep greens and vibrant colors popping up everywhere, even in the strangest places, like portulacas or snapdragons growing and blooming in the crack of a sidewalk where a volunteer seed just happened to fall reminds me of the surprises life always has in store.

Autumn is a very welcome respite from the summer heat. There is NOTHING in the world like making s'mores over a crackling campfire on a cool October evening, enjoying the fruits of the harvest (like the apple dumplings I'm making Sunday!), watching in patient wonderment as the leaves slowly make their transition from green into brilliant shades of gold, yellow, red and purple. Some don't care for fall because it reminds them of the approaching winter ~ and death.
I say, 'Hogwash!"

Winter...well, I may pretend to complain, but growing up in the Winter Wonderland of Michigan, I love the snow. I must admit I still sneak out and make a snow angel when no one's looking. The pristine beauty and purity of fresh snow covering the landscape when I look out the window in the morning after a nighttime snowfall still takes my breath away.

As you can imagine, all of the seasons as I described above can be likened to Almighty God and even our own short mortal lives. I'll let YOU take it from here. You can do a much better job than me...!

Oct 25th 2013 new
(quote) Tracy-929496 said: As you can imagine, all of the seasons as I described above can be likened to Almighty God and even our own short mortal lives. I'll let YOU take it from here. You can do a much better job than me...!

Did the topic change to ambient temperatures at some point? laughing laughing laughing

That being the case, the NW has ALL 4 seasons. VERY beautiful over here. biggrin
Oct 26th 2013 new
(quote) Kristen-878108 said: Just wondering if this is part of the challenge of online dating. So far my experience has been that I am much more attracted to the men I've been in contact with after meeting them then I was by looking at their profile and picture. Interacting with him and seeing his mannerisms can bump up the level of attraction a great deal! Perhaps it's not possible to really be attracted to someone from a profile? And perhaps this is the reason there seem to be persons on here who are frustrated with the process - because the "complete package" of who they are cannot be communicated effectively in their profile?
Is it possible? Yes.

Is it possible for everyone? Not necessarily

Is such an attraction realistic? In many cases, probably not.

Oct 26th 2013 new
(quote) Kristen-878108 said: I perhaps was not clear in what I mean - I know it is possible, and I would imagine there are some people who get lots of attention because they are photogenic or they are very good at conveying the person they are in writing. But I think there are also many people who are much more attractive "in person" or after discerning their character through communication than their profile suggests. So I wonder how many opportunities are passed by because this medium is somewhat limiting in putting one's best foot forward. I guess I think it's important to be open minded when looking at profiles, because what you see there is often not the full picture!
Most definitely!

It's also easy to be turned <i>off</i> by a profile. I generally don't bother with profiles that aren't well-written and creative, regardless of how pretty the face is.
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