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Leaving the Catholic Church

Oct 27th 2013 new
Is it possible that people can pray for me. I have really thought about leaving the Catholic Church. I no longer find any solace and am really starting to question whether I really even believe in God or if I just joined the Catholic Church because I was so unhappy in life. I am really admire the Church and Christianity and all the service work the Church does but I really don't feel connected to God and a purpose any longer. I am starting to kind of regret my decision to get baptized and really going to Mass is an empty experience. I don't necessarily see many Christians that are better off or better behaved in society than people who are of other religions or even atheists. I really don't know what to do. I seem to stay around only because of fear of going to Hell. I am sorry to offend anyone who dearly loves the faith.
Oct 27th 2013 new
I will pray for you. The Catholic Church is a truly beautiful thing as it is the Church established by Jesus Christ Himself. Let me ask you a couple questions first off: 1. What drew you to the Catholic Church to begin with? 2. Is there any particular reason why you feel going to Mass is an empty experience and you don't get any solace?
Oct 27th 2013 new
Will be praying for you daily! When I feel far from Christ I just open up the Bible and read the daily readings or I ask for him so show me where he is because of how discouraged I am... the Church is Christ's body on earth and I will definitely be praing that you can feel more connected to it!
Oct 27th 2013 new
Of course I can pray for you hugdon't feel alone in this ,do find a priest that you find easy to talk to and can tell your feelings to .God bless. rosary theheart
Oct 27th 2013 new
Praying theheart hug
Oct 27th 2013 new
Praying Praying
Oct 27th 2013 new
Hi Swaroop----there has been times that i wondered about the church-about God--it is okay to question --to seek -to ponder-to have doubts----talk to God like you are talkin to us--He is a Big God that overwhelmingly Loves you right where you are at--He will not abandon you--He is always with you ----talk with a Priest you respect-------on EWTN there is a guy Marcus Grodi who talks about the Journey Home(name of his program)----he talks with people who have decided to become Catholics after being in other faiths--------Peace to you Swaroop- May you know His Peace- May He guide you exactly where you should be-by His Spirit of Love--Mother Mary- St. Joseph- St. Jude---Saints of Heaven and saints on earth- Angels of the Living God-- May they each pray for you for the best God has for you Swaroop(:
Oct 27th 2013 new
Praying rosary theheart hug

I will pray for you. I think we all question the faith at one time or another, at least I have fleeting moments from time to time. That is the devil trying to take us away.

Please continue to give the Catholic faith a chance. Continue to learn about the faith and read the bible. And continue to receive Jesus in the eucharist and ask for faith and guidance.

God bless you Swaroop.
Oct 27th 2013 new
Praying rosary
Oct 27th 2013 new

I will pray for you. But, I want you to think on something for a bit. All of us, in all faiths have barren times, when we seem to be unable to find solace or comfort or purpose. When life itself seems so difficult and wrought with troubles that there seems to be little purpose in any of it but misery and emptiness. Our Lord also went through such periods of emptiness and wondering. The Forty Days in the desert was a time of great temptation to Our Lord. The Agony in the garden another and even upon the Cross, He cries out asking why God had forsaken him.

These times come to us all and it is in those barren times in keeping the faith and mustering through that we get to the other side and often in that barrenness we find our next purpose. Instead of dwelling on the emptiness you feel, use it to reach deeper and seek a deeper understanding and knowledge.

When my husband was killed, it was the first time in all of my life where I really felt abandoned by God. I asked a visiting priest to please pray for me, he's a hermit and only leaves his hermitage to help out in other churches for Mass. He said to me, not to fret that in this very empty, quiet and painful time, God was preparing me for the next purpose in my life. I am still not sure what that purpose is or where it will take me, but in the last few weeks I have been able to feel more comfort and solace and I know that I will once again understand.

In the barren times, it is not the time to cut bait and run, it is the time to cling more deeply and even be more open to seeking His guidance in sometimes the most unexpected places of ways.
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