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Hello Everyone, just thought I share a bit about myself to you all. Am a honest and respectful man, who likes to work on projects, and to make sure that they are done in the proper way. I take time out to apply myself to the problem at hand, and to see all available avenues at reaching a logical and smooth end. As a friend I will give you the necessary respect and work to make the friendship work, and if there is chemistry between us, then I work extra on making work in a natural and acceptance pace to your convenience. Being in a relationship, requires one to work, and to make compromises, and to play to the beat of the lady's wants and needs while also earning their trust and respect. So in this respect, I will lend my services to you, if there is a spark, and common interests between us. I am hear to listen, and roll up my sleeves for you, if I think there is something more to be known about you. This is the truth from me to you, and nothing but. I will not give up but labor on to see that the friendship is well fortified and strong with sweat and with a general commonality between. What do you ladies think of this, would like you opinions on this.
Nov 5th 2013 new
Do you wash windows?


Nov 5th 2013 new
(quote) Marge-938695 said: Do you wash windows?

No, but I watch it often and even reinstall it from time to time...

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