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A female friend of mine was bewildered by this hot trend and we got to discussing. So I have a few questions for the spiritually minded folks on Catholicmatch.

Question for the ladies: Why do so many women shape their eyebrows to be tiny?

Question for the men: What do you *honestly think of this trend? Good? Bad? Do you not care/think of it at all?

I'm just asking out of curiosity. This is not meant to be a debate, but a discussion to share your opinions. So I'll share mine. Personally, shaped eyebrows are NOT something that I find to be a turnoff, I do NOT think it looks ugly, but I do find it kind of ... strange o_0 They look artificial and thus out of harmony with God's creation, in my opinion. Particularly strange is how the skin underneath shaped brows is pale and will probably stay that way always.

I do actually feel that this is a topic for women to ponder spiritually. Is the appearance God blesses us with in fact what looks prettiest, or are shaped eye brows prettier? Does it matter? Are self esteem or other similar topics a factor? I'm asking, not implying. Please *share (but don't debate, it's lame).
Nov 9th 2013 new
Ha! Love it! My two cents is that I've seen eyebrows that are nicely shaped in order to draw more attention to a woman's eyes and then there are radically shaped fake looking eyebrows that draw one's attention solely to the eyebrow - which I think defeats the purpose of doing it! I shape my eyebrows so they draw attention to my eyes - and I do not go for the super thin ones. There you go!
Nov 9th 2013 new
When I was in my teens it was a sign of feminine grooming-especially the unibrow (to me ugly on both sexes) but if you pluck too much they do not always grow back. A trend in the 1970's when I was a teen was to actually shave them so they were very thin-I know some ladies who lost there brows that way, and have to draw them on each day. It then had the effect on their girl children to lightly pluck just enough to look nice and not lose the entire brow.
Nov 9th 2013 new
Matt, some women have naturally thin eyebrows.
Nov 9th 2013 new
I guess I would have to admit that this issue could easily be a 'deal-breaker' for me. I am very much an "eyes guy", and the lack of natural eyebrows is ... unsettling to me.

I'm inclined to blame "Hollywood" etc., then the associated failure of "the public" to realize that screen/stage makeup is for the camera or a 'distant' audience. I work in Theatre, and still catch myself being a bit shocked when I find myself up-close with an actor/actress who's wearing heavy makeup around their eyes. eyepopping

My 'ex' was/is one of those women who doesn't require make up, but admittedly a tiny bit augmented her natural appearance. I was shocked on our wedding day that she had had them nearly waxed out of existence! I almost wanted to run screaming from the church! rolling eyes I much prefer the natural look - okay, gently trimmed because I know the ladies like to look neat. I think it was Brooke Shields(s) who had/had the "heavy" natural brows (and even took some criticism for not waxing them away!) - she obviously trimmed them, but I was alway enthralled by her eyes. lovestruck!

Lastly, us guys have to remember, that often women are not 'making up' for our sake as much as to 'out shine' the other gals! God Bless 'em all! hug

So, a counter question: How do the ladies feel about guys brows - especially those wild ones that get to looking like a cat's 'feelers'? laughing
Nov 9th 2013 new
(quote) Carol-1007500 said: Matt, some women have naturally thin eyebrows.
... I meant to include that recognition in my post ... and most of them look quite lovely without a huge effort to augment them!
Nov 9th 2013 new
My daughter (a senior in high school) and I were discussing the whole issue of "brow fashion" just the other day. The vast majority of the girls at her all-girls Catholic high school prefer the fuller, natural brows. However, her cousins who live in the panhandle (and their friends) all seem to prefer the very shaped, thin brows. I guess "brow fashion" is a regional thing?? smile

David, I agree with you about Brooke Shields.she had/has amazing eyes.
Nov 9th 2013 new
(quote) David-870960 said:

So, a counter question: How do the ladies feel about guys brows - especially those wild ones that get to looking like a cat's 'feelers'?
I think most guys have eyebrows that are fine; however some have such thick eyebrows that the aesthetic part of me wishes they would get them waxed. But I have to admit to a bias toward clean cut gentleman with no facial hair - even though it is not a "natural" look for a male.
Nov 9th 2013 new
What Kristen said. PLEASE DON'T shave them off and draw them on!!!! NO!! laughing laughing
Nov 9th 2013 new
This forum (unintentionally, I know) struck right into my body image insecurities and sent me back into adolescent thinking. I always wished for fuller eyebrows. (My mother had thin ones too - hereditary linkage.) I was not aware it was an attraction issue for men until now. (And that's a new excuse!) I am adverse to the option of wearing a lot of eyebrow pencil makeup to give my eyebrows a fuller appearance. I am struggling with the unfair assumptions some might be making solely on one's eyebrow presentation. (And I have to give my own defensive reactions further thought.)
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