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So many times I meet other young Catholics that reveal in some manner that they seek to get married, or would like to, or believe its their vocation. Ok, great! I am sure that near 100% of people using this site are of the same thought, idea, or goal.

However, in a recent conversation with a friend who is also in a long distance relationship, he revealed that the woman he is with, needs to put herself in a position to marry that is better than what she is in right now. (School, another geographic location than him.) Yes, they are attracted to one another, but are they really called to each other for marriage? He is ready, but he also believes that she needs to be in a better position to marry. (I.e. move closer to him, finish school, then move for work, proximity, etc.)

I agree with him, and not only on the logistical matters of this, but also on the place we put ourselves in our goal or calling to marry someone in the Sacrament. Yes, dating is good and has a purpose, but once we are in a position in our spiritual/ faith life we are able to acknowledge that we are ready to marry, then we can move forward, pursue someone or respond to a pursuer, and have all "our ducks in a row" so to say, then yes, God will call us to the altar of the sacrament and marriage shall happen. Always in His time and for His will. Not ours.

In summary... we must align ourselves to the will of God the Father, do what it takes to please him, honor him, and glorify Him as His children and in turn He will bless us all with our vocation of single life, religious life, or the Sacrament of Marriage.

So men, and women... place yourself in a position in life using your talents, to work, pray, and live for the Will of God so that He may bless you according to His Will for you. As we all know... He has a plan for all of us. Do what it takes for Him to bless us and reveal that plan to us.

Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassatti, pray for us young adults.

Nov 16th 2013 new
I was having similar thoughts to you this past week. I spent a lot of the last decade in school and working. Not that those things aren't important, but I personally feel that the next few years is to build up and develop relationships.
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