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Help me fix my profile, please

Nov 10th 2013 new
Do you ever get that problem of people viewing your profile but wonder why they didn't say anything? I know some of them aren't paying members, but some must be. It's a blow to my self esteem. Some people just browse, I know. It just makes me question what is wrong with my profile. For every 7 views or so I'll have maybe 1 response. Is there something wrong with my profile?
Nov 10th 2013 new
Rule #1 for online contact (I won't call it "dating") -- KEEP YOUR EXPECTATIONS LOW.

I think 95% of us have the same experience. Hang in there. hug
Nov 10th 2013 new
Hi Marita,

The same thing happens to me. One of the things I've noticed is that often men will view my profile, but I won't actually hear from then until a few days later. Sometimes after they've viewed my profile I will view theirs and if I'm interested I will like some of their pictures to indicate my interest. I've found that sometimes that's all the encouragement they need to initiate a conversation!

This may be an uncomfortable analogy, but think of the CM environment as being kind of like a party with a lot of people in attendance. It's likely you will get more than a few looks, but not every man who looks will actually approach you. Rather than hurting my self-esteem, I instead see it as a compliment that they took the time to look. But realize that the man probably read your profile and figured out that you and he are probably not compatible in some way even though your pretty face encouraged him to look! wink

You might also want to have a friend look at your profile and encourage you to include some other details about yourself or witty ways of expressing what you've already written. You might also look at the profiles of other women and steal some of their good ideas. Feel free to steal anything you like from mine! On my initial profile, I had basically written a book length story of the "Life of Kristen". smile I've learned since that "less is more." Also, even though I am super Catholic, I've not emphasized this in my first two paragraphs because I assume my 7/7 status, references to God, MA in Theology and my employment give more than enough indication of my super Catholic status. I want them to see other parts of who I am - that I am funny, active, fun, etc.

I've also found that if you change your profile picture often, it encourages more views. Even if you just keep alternating your picture with one other one, it makes a difference.

God bless!
Nov 10th 2013 new
Actually, I think brains of the men your age need to be fixed. If you want to attract an old-fashioned (but not necessarily old), religious gentleman, maybe add a picture showing you in a long skirt. I try to imagine myself sitting next to the lady of my dreams at Mass. She'll be wearing a modest skirt or dress at least for church, and she'll want to look sensible next to a gentleman in a dress shirt, tie, and dress slacks. If you're getting a 14.3% response rate, you're doing as well as anyone could expect here. Sometimes people click on pictures offered on the main page and don't realize that you live too far away, or that you are too young for them until they have already peeked. Other than that, I say, provide details, details, details. Give the poor guy an easy way to start a conversation with you without having to think of a lame line as if he were in a bar. The more you write, the easier it will be for someone to react to something (hopefully positively). I believe that one can never put too much into a profile. Yours is actually fairly good, but just go back to the previous sentence. -- Andrew
Nov 10th 2013 new
There's nothing wrong with your profile, won't suggest anything too, cause i believe what we wrote in our profile, is what we really are, that's what our heart and mind says... don't worry too if you didn't get any message when someone view your profile.. move on and keep the faith....
Nov 10th 2013 new
Men are VISUAL creatures. Replace the photo of you in the wheelchair with one of you in your Sunday best. You are actually doing quite well, percentage wise.
Nov 11th 2013 new
I concur with those who have said your profile is fairly good. I would broaden the point that you could do better with your pictures. Some lack something in terms of composition, usefulness for providing insights into your life now, etc.

But overall 1 out of 7 views writing to you! Sounds pretty great, actually. There's about a million and a half reasons why you might not be a match for any given guy, but I dare say that, at least in your case, few of those reasons have to do merely with the trivialities of profile presentation.

So, yeah, good job!
Nov 11th 2013 new
Marita your back!!!
Nov 15th 2013 new
Yeah, I am! :)
Nov 15th 2013 new
That was in response to Genie. As to everyone else, thank you for your input.
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