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This room is dedicated to those who are facing the challenge of raising children without the support of a spouse. This is a place to share ideas and lend mutual support.

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I'm having an adventure!

Nov 24th 2013 new
One of my biggest challenges is getting back out into the world as a single person. I spent a long time as a spouse and I am still a full time mother and a teacher. Those roles are comfortable for me. I want to step OUT of my comfort zone and do adult things. I don't want to be dependent on waiting until I meet someone to do them with, if that makes any sense. I am trying to choose one thing a month.

This month's adventure is that I bought one ticket, (a great seat!) to Broadway on Tour's "Beauty and the Beast" in Kansas City. While my kids are with their dad Friday night, I'll drive down, check into a hotel, see this amazing production and drive back by noon on Saturday to pick up kids. I love live shows, Belle is my favorite Disney princess, (closely followed by kick-a$$ Mulan), and this production has received rave reviews. I feel so happy, like I am giving myself a precious gift!

Would I rather have a special someone at my side? Sure. But since that's not available, I'm choosing to make the best of things and do what I love.

What have you done lately to get out of your comfort zone? I could use some ideas for my next adventure!

Nov 24th 2013 new
I bought a motorcycle and go on many short day trips, very fun! I also got much more deeply involved in the shooting sports and placed among the best in the nation at this years national championship which included the best our military has to offer. Additionally, I took up running again as a therapeutic outlet after my divorce and have tentatively scheduled a half marathon to be followed up by a 50K ultra trail run with my brother. Adventures are fun!
Nov 24th 2013 new
Baby steps they say baby steps. So I have treated myself to the Saturday or Sunday matinee at our little local theater. I also have a ticket to see the local production of the nutcracker.
Nov 24th 2013 new
okay, I'll admit I am a self care junkie. shhh Mostly I take classes, [all kinds of classes] for enjoyment mostly wave and to learn stuff.
Nov 24th 2013 new
Good for you Sam!!! hug I love the theater too! Today I'll be driving to Indy to see Wicked.

As for stepping out of my comfort zone, a few years ago I took a huge leap and attended an event here, the Indy chili cookoff. A nervous Nelly, that all dissipated once there. I was met with smiles and hugs of welcome and these people have become treasured friends. Now we get together periodically for this or that; truly a blessing biggrin
Nov 24th 2013 new
Hi Sam! Yea for you for stepping out of your comfort zone!! Being a life-long singleton, I've had years of practice of entertaining myself as a family of one! My suggestions are twofold - things to do and times of day, so that you can enjoy your adventures without feeling like a third wheel. Just a few for starters...go to a great location for an early Sunday brunch - linger with coffee/tea and a paper or a good book, buy matinee tickets to a movie or any type of production - dress up and make an afternoon of it, take evening midweek (college) or weekend afternoon (private studio) group dance classes - learn what you can and just have fun with the process. I'm "getting back out there" again, too, after many months of caring for my ill mother. Best of luck! Chelle
Nov 24th 2013 new
Getting out of my comfort zone would be learning how to be content staying at home on Sundays! Sundays at home and I don't mix well. smile

btw, Belle is by far my fave princess!
Nov 24th 2013 new
rose Good for you Sam and all above. I have traveled by myself to Birmingham and Hanceville Alabama, to visit EWTN and Mother Angelica and her nuns. I did go with some friends and priests one year. It is wonderful and Holy and beautiful. I have met many from all over. And have stayed friends. And have met some of those people you see on TV and we keep in touch as well.

I have done a lot of stuff by myself. Before and after my marriage. I just don't sit around and wait for someone to want to go, I just go! rose hug
Nov 24th 2013 new
(quote) Michael-1004009 said: I bought a motorcycle and go on many short day trips, very fun!
Good for you, Michael! I gave up motorcycles when I had my kids, but they were so much fun! Used to run marathons, too, but a foot injury ended that one. Now I hike, rollerblade and bike.
Nov 24th 2013 new
(quote) Tim-734178 said: Baby steps they say baby steps. So I have treated myself to the Saturday or Sunday matinee at our little local theater. I also have a ticket to see the local production of the nutcracker.
Yay, you! Our tradition is to go see the Nutcracker every year. It started in about 1975. When I was a girl we would dress up, have a nice dinner and see the show. I loved it. Watching the dancers was magical. I promised myself I would pass it down to my own kids and I have.
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