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Happy Thanksgiving CM members!

This is a special story about adventure and a journey that took an altogether different direction what started out when I wasnt able to do the same work anymore in the shop or going out on jobs what my mother loved, a good customer and friend who understood my mother made me a great deal on a top of the line truck with a big sleeper and after doing a major renovation it has everything, so my mother could ride in parlor car comfort from a special folding stairs so she can get up and down easily to a little kitchen with hot and cold water with pink tile and a marble window sill over the sink! It also has a microwave cook top with grill and fridge also we each have a recliner and fancy lighting to give it a cozy home feel or we can make it bright and cheerful what is good when reading or fixing a meal also it has a generator and can be kept always cool and comfortable if the tuck is running or not . The windows have velvet drapes to keep out the light and have enough windows to let plenty in.

Also I installed a locker on the back for our lawn chairs, a folding table and her wheel chair

We can also cook out side the truck too as she always loved picnics so it was done this way with that in mind. All this kept us busy for weeks and she picked out everything too just the way she wanted it and every woman and man who saw it just loved it

My customer would have us on the go a lot but every thing was abandoned when my sister who was ready to return to normal , thought her cancer all cleared up and so did everyone else but it came back suddenly worse then ever and it took her life so fast, even the doctors were fooled and she was under excellent medical care!

My mother started to decline after that what was just after Easter and will never ride in the truck as she is still here at home where she wants to b, but sadly, bed ridden and very weak with little time left.

Prior to all this, the APS didnt like me taking her out on jobs but my mother always wanted to come because we were good company to each other and also she knew my work could be dangerous also often when we were done we would just take off and do what we wanted and because I was making good money we could easily afford it but after that we stayed home a lot more and it was at the house where she fell and broke her ankle and the APS woman was on the war path and only made a bad situation much worse and because of her investigating into how the ranch was owned and our accounts, because my mother was thought to be in the early stages of dementia, our lawyer who drew up her will recommended that we should start looking for a good attorney .

We were in the middle of doing some remodeling on the house before all this and were trying desperately to get it done so fearing the house wouldnt pass APS inspection and never returning my calls, I had to use my own judgment what needed to be done implementing the necessary safety measures, also for some silly reason, they sent my mother home early when she was still non load bearing saying they werent a 24 hour care ! But I wanted her back and once home NOBODY was going to take her away without a darn good reason! But for over two months I hardly slept however, she made a full recovery what they never expected!

After keeping the case open the full 90 days the APS woman at last came out to close it and again gave me her warning and would file against me if anything else went wrong even after I succeeded where the nursing home gave up!

When she left, my mother was quiet for a while, then like a bomb! She suddenly became absolutely livid! I had never seen her get so angry and I tried to calm her down telling her that she was just doing her job.

She had a heart attack some time later and if that was the cause I dont know but just as with my sister having cancer both were under a great deal of stress particularly my sister because it would take very little to get her upset. So all of this certainly didnt help.

A friend in home health told me that the APS women had cases that were begging for her attention and I feel it was all about money.

She also added that she was trying to break me and is what really made me determined she wasnt no matter what and when my mother accidentally ran me down with the golf cart because I should have set the parking brake I took care of myself and had nothing for the pain also hardly able to walk I took her to cardio therapy every other day but getting medical attention would have given her a reason to start another investigation and I still could take care of my mother but I thank God that I made a full recovery.

My mother can pass away now in peace knowing the ranch she loved will go to her grand children and I hope my sister found peace too! But one miracle was while visiting her at the hospital I witnessing my mother come out of her dementia long enough to comfort her articulating clear as a bell in a voce as strong as ever and when she walked out of the room, reverted back to her present state!

Also every day that I have left with her is Thanksgiving even with us spending it alone and her sleeping the weeks that pass away waking only long enough to be fed , reach out with her hand and give me a smile what means I love you!

This Journey has taken us so far from the one we planned that not only has it dramatically changed all we anticipated in the past but my life as well as it moves from present into the future but it seems without a doubt part of the ongoing miracle that serves clear reminder that we may take comfort never forgetting were never alone and truly Gods Passengers!

And so I wish your thanks giving will be as happy and special as mine!


Nov 28th 2013 new
Wow, Paul! That is quite a story! Thank you for sharing and may your days always be filled with gratitude to God for His blessings in your life and encouragement for others who are going through life's difficulties. God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 29th 2013 new
God be with you, and give you peace! Praying
Nov 30th 2013 new
Thank you so much Paul. Some of your story brought up a few nightmares of my own when my husband was in his last year of treatment for cancer before he passed away. However, your journey is so much more than mine. I can't even imagine your exhaustion. God Bless you.
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