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Topic list order

Dec 13 new
What determines which topic is at the top of the list in each forum?
Dec 13 new

I am hazarding a guess that it has to do with latest activity. In my own list, it seems to go by most recently begun. The older ones seem to gravitate toward the bottom even when they are the most active....but maybe the moderator can help us understand.

I just would like, personally, for the ones I once "read"ONLY--- to just disappear...and just leave the threads I post to....

Good idea to ask.


Dec 13 new

There is a topic list order when you open the name of a forum room, and there is also a topic list order in "Hot Topics" and "My Topics". I hope I am able to keep them all straight in this brief explanation.

When you open a forum room by selecting the room name, you get a list of all of the active threads started in that room. Some threads are informational and are permanently pinned at the top of the list. (See "Regional Interest" room for an example). Otherwise, it's by chronological order of all of the threads started in that room.

In the "Hot Topics" tab, it is chronologically ordered by activity, if that makes sense. So, the most recent replies in an active thread cause the thread to appear at the top.

In the "My Topics", I am not quite sure. It appears to be chronological by the order of the threads you have visited, but I could be wrong, as sometimes I bounce around from thread to thread, and I can't even keep track of what order I posted or read something in a given thread.

Dec 13 new
(quote) Tom-54311 said: What determines which topic is at the top of the list in each forum?
Either the date of topic creation or the date of the last post, depending on your forum option setting (click on the 3-gear button to the right of the New Topic button and select Forum Settings: ithe sort order is the first option in the list.

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