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Our standard of living

Dec 13th 2013 new

Hello folks

Just been doing a little reminiscing about old conversations with my mother,

I know it used to be that women lived longer but that started to change as the pace of life sped up and also prior to all this as my mothers father foresaw, while the women started to work and the standard of living went up, eventually, as he predicted ; things would evolve where two pay checks were essential to maintain the same quality of life as one!

However in some cases, were caught in a revolving door what is attested by the Hugh displays of pre prepared food what has monopolized the floor space of things that mom or gram used to make what now, only a modest selection typically resides in a small corner of the super market.

However the door doesnt stop there and the list of expenses can be long where some down to the bare wood serious number crunching can help or even break the cycle and in many cases reveals that its ok for mom to stay home because the actual gain is so insignificant or possibly mean a savings!

What mom and dad may not realize because there so busy keeping things running on schedule! Where as lies the greatest gain of all, a woman to make a house a home!

Also did we really need the wonderful planes the women turned out during the war? Perhaps not quite so many of them and for that matter lives, as well if they just landed them and duke ed it out on the ground !


Dec 15th 2013 new

I think America changed when women decided they wanted to work to fulfill their

emotional needs. Before that, women worked because they needed the money

for their families or themselves, not for their self esteem.

Yes, even when one has time, making fresh food is not as common as it was.

But about making planes in WW2, that takes away from the contribution that

women made towards the war effort. I would not go there as you have.

Jan 1st 2014 new

I would never wittingly want to take away any efforts that women have made during the war and all others who have served our country as well! marianne however they did turn out wonderful work what may not have been so glamorous but knowing lives may depend on it this it was a big contribution also of course during a war who is going to just land and duke it out on the ground? It seems that war itself is so pointless and counter productive not to mention a rather primitive way of resolving problems so to me using high tech weapons or clubs, to me it makes about the same amount of sense each way.

As for emotional needs? Perhaps that is something on a per individual bases but on a whole Sadly the role of a housewife has been sent to the bottom of the ladder and while many women have indeed climbed their way to the top, it would seem to the majority of the female population, that the career opportunities have fallen way below their expectations.

I was making good money being self employed more less making other peoples problems and headaches my business and was blessed to find out of the ordinary solutions or being able to spot problems with machinery and get them going again.

Suddenly that all changed, I was keeping house and taking care of my mother sticking to the budget within her pension and my sister had her own life with her son and a good job with the freedom to come and go as she pleased and often she would come over to visit and would criticize how I kept house and standing in front of the sink doing the dishes like a good house wife I said that well you know how it is A woman works from sun to sun but a mans work is never done My mother had to laugh about that one but yes I was doing the laundry hanging curtains fixing flowers ,my mothers hair bathing and dressing her you name it and planning what to fix for dinner also taking great pride in keeping her happy serving her hotel quality meals on her best china. Yes we dined just about every night also often went on picnics and took long walks in many parks she just loved to ride in her wheel chair! So yes I have a good idea what is involved to be a home maker and it was important for me to be the best but now my mother has passed away and who knows I might start building airplanes also sadly my sister passed away only 8 months prior to my mother.

My mother was a full time housewife and while all of us kids didnt always agree we all saw one way or another that all her needs were met because she was mother and society for what has belittled her role as keeper of the hearth and home but what could be more important then that?

Also the old saying about the hand that rocks the cradle is so true and another truth that is attested largely to the present state of many things is that text messaging notes on the fridge and microwave meals are a poor substitute for mom not being there. and another sad truth what often broke my mothers heart is it never took long when she sat to rest at a mall and a lonely child would come up to her who was starved for attention

I rest my case.


Jan 2nd 2014 new
there's no way I could homeschool, but I was home for my kids...........essentially, I agree
with a parent home.............. but most would not be able to live that frugally
if it came to that, these days.
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