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This room is for the discussion of current events,cultural issues and politics especially in relation to Catholic values.

Saint Thomas More was martyred during the Protestant Reformation for standing firm in the Faith and not recognizing the King of England as the Supreme Head of the Church.
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Politics and history

Dec 13th 2013 new
Well it seems my post get little attention positive or negative so noticing a couple of topics that did covering a little history and politics I believe I can contribute a few interesting things!

My father was born in Germany and when the war broke out over there, he was in his early to mid teens. He was a peace loving good man who was broad minded and wise. Before he came to this country he had a skilled trade and could speak English fluently with red white and blue flowing through his blood!

He loved his country too but had made his choice but also prior to that the war didnt make it a very favorable time to grow up and told me about coming home from work finding the family apt building reduced to a pile of rubble and having no idea where they were also yes he was working like a man at a very early age.

Later on they had another place but soon after countless evacuations to the basement they started to sleep there full time, he had his shoes tied around his neck and often had nightmares about losing them . also near the end and desperate they would often pick up anyone off the street to dig fox holes and trenches and what happened to my father on his way home from work.

He was put on a train and had to sleep standing up because it was so crowded and later wanting to get back home escaped from the work camp and getting caught meant getting shot so he made the journey overland at night what took him several days.

He was no stranger to walking or as he called it the shoe makers horse and would have to travel 5 miles every day for a few potatoes to feed the family.

Later they were evacuated to a farm after the war while Germany was recovering and my father had many happy memories of the time spent there.

He told me that at first Hitler did a lot for Germany He told me about the youth group what back then was something good and wholesome to belong to but turned into a brain washing propaganda farce also he wanted people to have a car they could afford hence the Volkswagen or peoples car what was a simple yet almost indestructible marvel because everything just bolted together.

Also he built super highways for fast transport of troops as well citizens and goods. I believe he could have had many other countries wanting to prosper too like Germany and could have but also been welcome to set up interest there not only taking over but people would have loved him for it too but he made a foolish mistake to use force! And why?

Because as my father always said Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Turned out the Dutchman was right!

I loved him dearly and God rest his soul!


Dec 13th 2013 new
Paul, your father was a man who paid his dues in this world. What an amazing life he must have had~ living through the most tumultuous time in recent history. For you, talking with him must have been like reliving history. He should have written a book!
Dec 14th 2013 new

In 1944 the United Sates could have liberated Western Europe without firing a single shot simply by offering Germany this truce; "If you withdraw your Army from France , we will cease hostilities against you".

Had that happened , German soldiers formerly in France would killing Russian soldiers instead of American soldiers but that would have horrified Roosevelt who admired Stalin, and was all too anxious to do Stalin's bidding The commitments and concessions Roosevelt made to Stalin were both evil and criminal.

Germany was in a state of turmoil in 1944 because it was obvious the war was lost , and Roosevelt should have exploited the situation; instead Roosevelt announced that Germany would no longer exist as a nation after the end of the War.This was an incredible blunder that forced the Germans who wanted to end the War against the United States to fight to bitter end

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