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This room is for discussion about CatholicMatch events or to plan a get-together or meet-up for offline activities such a dinners, ball games, concerts etc.

Saint Raphael is the patron saint of travelers.
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Here is a great way to have, in effect, your own event (or even several events) with almost no effort on your part and with no cost beyond minor travel expenses - unless you journey from afar and require lodging, which need is addressed on the main event page below, but such lodging arrangements are stricltly between only you and New York Encounter. The New York Encounter is a yearly Catholic extravaganza just several steps from Penn Station in Manhattan. This year's activities run from Friday January 17th though Sunday January 19th, 2014.Here's the webpage for The New York Encounter 2014:

When and if you decide to attend any of the presentations, all you have to do is announce it here and invite other members to join you. Eventually some kind of contact information may have to be exchanged. Of course, if you prefer to attend these activities solo, that's fine too and I hope this notice is useful for that purpose.

As of now, I plan to go to four of the offerings. At 6:45 PM Friday January 17th, Life Belongs to Something Greater. At 5:30 PM Saturday January 18th, "That Hidden Companionship, Stronger than Loneliness". At 2:00 PM Sunday January 19th, "Abraham: The Birth of the I, the Birth of a People". At 5:00 PM Sunday January 19th, "From 'I' to 'We': The Time of the Person. The Origins of a People." If you decide to attend any of the same events and want to join me, let me know; but, on the other hand, if you think that for any reason you'd prefer to form your own event, just advertise which presentations in which you will participate, whether or not they are the same presentations I'll go to, and invite others to join you.

All activities are free except for the Saturday evening choir, which costs twenty dollars. Note that this cost is mistakenly omitted on the home page where it currently states that all activities are free.

Last year about eighty percent of the participants were under thirty years of age.

In order to get an impression of what the presentations are like, look under different links on the home page, you can find other links to some videos of the presentations of 2013. Such presentations can also be found on Youtube if you enter, "New York Encounter 2013" into the search box.

Hoping to meet some of you in January, wave crossfingers


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thank you john Dove hug Praying theheart rosary rose rose rose
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Local activities where you can meet other members of Catholic Match are rare and so I'm trying make sure that a lot of people at lleast hear about this event. If you're going to one or more of the events mentioned in the top post in this topic and if you want to increase the likelihood of meeting others, please use some of your daily quota of emotigrams and emails to advertise.

Follow these steps:

1. On the home page of Catholic Match, Click on Search menu.
2. Click on New Search
3. Set the gender to the opposite of yours
4. In your mind think of the ideal age (not ideal age range because you won't have time to do more than one age), such as 55 of people you'd like to meet.
5. Set both age numbers to that number, 55 in this case.

6. Set "Within" to 25 miles. A higher number will be too many for you to reach.
7. Set "Location" to any zip code in Manhattan such as "10001".
8. Click on "Miscellaneous"
9. Set "Active Days Ago Max" to 14. A higher number will be too many for you to reach.
10. Click on "Run Search"
11. Since the message is brief, you can send half by emotigram and half by email. If you send ten by emotigrams and ten by email each days, you have enough time.
12. Copy and paste this message to each member on your age list:

"Meet other members of Catholic Match at some of the activities in this event in Manhattan: ."

13. In order to reduce sending duplicates to the same member, write a simple post here such as, "I did age 55 for women" when you select an age.
14. Before selecting an age, check here to see whether the same age was already selected for the same gender.

I'll either see you there or stare into the void, eyebrow scratchchin


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While the intention is good, using the CM messaging system for this purpose is a violation of our terms of use.
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