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Saint Vitus is the patron saint of actors, comedians, dancers, and of entertainers in general.
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Jan 8th 2014 new
Al Capone(1959)Rod Steiger plays Chicagos crime lord Al Capone.From his arrival in Chicago,his partnership with Johnny Torio(Nehemiah Persoff),Prohibition becoming law of the land,his run ins with the police head Schaefer(James Gregory),his rivals Bugs Moran(Murvyn Vye),Earl Weiss(Lewis Charles)and Dion Obanion(Robert Gist),his marriage to Maureen Flannery(Fay Spain)to his decline in the 1930s and his final years in Alcatraz. Rod Steiger is great as ever.
Jan 9th 2014 new
The Empty Chair(1959)Untouchables Episode.Al Capone(Neville Brand) is sent away on an income tax violation and leaves a fortune behind hiden away..The heirs to his throne Frank Nitti(Bruce Gordon),Jake Guzik(Nehemiah Persoff),Fur Sammons(Richard Benedict)and Phil Dandrea(Wally Cassell)are the only ones besides Capone who knows where its hiden. Elliot Ness(Robert Stack)wonders whos going to take over for Al and wants to know where the money is hiden,but nobodys saying anything. Barbra Ritchie(Barbra Nichols)daughter of Jakes sister Norma(Betty Garde)and widow of a gangster killed by the mob is picked up by Ness but shes little use blaming Ness for the death of her husband.
Jan 10th 2014 new
I visited my brother in PA just after Christmas and watched a bunch of movies on Netflix.
The Secret To A Happy Ending - Drive-By Truckers documentary
Safety Not Guaranteed - A quirky little indy film directed by the guy who is directing Jurassic Park 4
Tucker and Dale vs Evil - Another quirky indy too convoluted to try describing.
The Avengers - Because it's a really fun movie.
Cabin In The Woods - Not a bad movie until it takes a complete u-turn at the end and completely falls apart.
Jan 11th 2014 new
The Great Jewel Robber(1950)Gerard Dennis(David Brian)is a ladies man,a gentleman,and the countries biggest jewel thief.Getting into the ladies confidences Gerard goes about his dirty work. After escaping from a Canadian work farm Gerard meets Peggy Arthur(Perdita Chandler)another crook who gets him to rob a rich family then double crosses him. Later, Gerard meets Martha Rollins(Marjorie Reynolds)an honest nurse who wants to marry Gerard if he quits his dishonest ways.Gerard agrees,but he secretly continues his work. Gerards next victim is society woman MRS Arthur Vinson(Jacqueline Dewit)who has a fortune in jewelry. Gerards luck turns when Martha goes to the police.
Jan 12th 2014 new
Saw the Hobbit. I really liked it, except the ending--just goes to show there will be a sequel:)
Jan 13th 2014 new
Pete Kellys Blues(1955)Kansas City 1927.EX WW 1 Dough Boy Pete Kelly(Jack Webb)wins a trumpet in a dice game and learns to play.He forms his own group and soon they become head band in Kansas City. Petes two best friends Al Gennaway(Lee Marvin)and Joey Firestone(Martin Milner)are part of the band. The local bootlegger Fran McCarg(Edmond OBrien)is organizing the bands and dmands Kellys sign up.The band members refuse and their car is ruined.Kellys decides the best thing to do is sign up with McCrag to avoid futher trouble.Joey and McCrags top henchmen Guy Bettenhauser(John Dennis)have a brutal fight and Kelly tries to get in touch with McCrag to call off Bettenhauser,but Joey is killed before they get in touch with him. Kelly meets Ivy Conrad(Janet Leigh)a rih society lady who falls for him,but Kelly feels they live in two different worlds. McCrag demands that Kellys band take on Rose Hopkins(Peggy Lee)an alcoholic singer.After Rose fails McCrag badly beats her making her brain dead. Fed up Kelly decides to put McCrag in jail with the help of Federal cop George Tenell(Andy Devine). Good film with lots of good tunes by Peggy Lee and Ella Fitzgerald. Peggy Lee received an Oscar nomination as alcoholic Rose.
Jan 15th 2014 new
So Proudly We Hail(1943)A group of nurses are returning from the Phillipines after a rough tour of duty.The head nurse lt Janet Davidson(Claudette Colbert)is in a trance and wont speak to anyone.Joan O Daol(Paulette Goddard)and the other nurses(Barbra Britton,Mary Servats,Lorna Corey,Helen Lynd,etc)recall their experiences. Janet had fallen in love and married LT John Summers(George Reeves)a Marine in the Phillipines who she had to leave behind. Joan had fallen for tough Leatherneck Kansas(Sonny Tufts)who she also had to leave behind. The girls tell of another nurse Olivia Darcy(Veronica Lake)who was rescued from a torpedoed ship,bitter at life and everyone and has a secret she kept to herself. Good WW2 film about the everyday life of nurses under tough conditions.
Jan 16th 2014 new
American Hustle. It was ok.
Jan 17th 2014 new
The Crooked Way(1949)Eddie Rice(John Payne)returns home from WW2 with a complete loss of memory.All his IDs are false.The only thing they know is he enlisted in LA. Eddie soon runs into his past when police LT Joe Williams(Rhys Williams)and SGT Barrett(John Doucette)trail him. Eddie finds out his real name is Eddie Riccardi,a small time hood. A big time hoodlum Vince Alexander(Sonny Tufts)also takes an intrest in Eddie.Eddie finds that he once testified against Alexander.Eddie meets one of Alexanders girls,Nina Martin(Ellen Drew)and to his surprise finds he had once been married to her. Good Noirish Thriller.
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