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Jan 11th 2014 new
(quote) Roystan-340472 said: Telepathic empathy. If you can feel the actual suffering of the other creature, the com passio of Christ ... well, you probably won't send silly posts to them. Or something like that?
Is there something wrong with sending silly posts from time to time? And why can't "silly" posts be legitimate, thoughtful responses to the sufferings of others?

Much can be inferred of one's emotional state through the written word. It is possible to empathize with someone online.
Jan 11th 2014 new
(quote) Lina-796057 said: You have probably described a big reason why there is so much lack of "success" on dating sites--generalization instead of specialization; humongous supermarket instead of the corner butcher shop. The number of possibilities, the selection, is vast. In trying to decide, the belief is that a better one will be found if we just look some more.

And as to the jigsaw pieces bending and stretching--wouldn't that be love?
...and to extend the endless supply analogy, Lina, it can then become...a long can I keep several friends JUST for the purpose to see which endures...that is prudent...but that's not the test for love...for stamina in horse racing, maybe....but sometimes you can come upon a true story called...the good one got away...and one really could be true... Many don't love at first sight or the one that I loved and lost stories....yes, it can happen...just saying
Jan 11th 2014 new
Ok time for me to get booed. I've been on here about a year and a half. Friendships mind you and good ones. But what I see from both the men and the women ( not all of course) is a "settling". What I mean is that for many, a cyber relationship is good enough. We talk a good game and people are just scared to make even a simple attempt. Doesn't matter why. Point is it's like an 8th grade dance. Seperated by sex and no ones got the guts to be the first! Look guys and gals. The only person that will never hurt you, never call you a name or laugh at you of make you feel small or dirty or whatever is Our Blessed Lord!!
so quit looking to Marry God ( unless you have that vocation) and put on big people pants and do something. Waiting until God drops your spouse on your head is not going to happen. So take a chance dag nab it!!

rant off!
Jan 11th 2014 new
(quote) Lina-796057 said: You have probably described a big reason why there is so much lack of "success" on dating sites--generalization instead of specialization; humongous supermarket instead of the corner butcher shop. The number of possibilities, the selection, is vast. In trying to decide, the belief is that a better one will be found if we just look some more.
I think many people see things as a matter of quantity rather than quality. Success is measured according to the number of profile views and messages received rather than the quality of the connection. I'd much rather go weeks without any views or messages until one gem of a man came around, rather than having my ego stoked with lots of attention that goes nowhere. That's why I have a profile that is constructed to hopefully appeal to the type of man I'd like. It's more a reflection of personality than a litany of facts.
Jan 11th 2014 new
Hello Bernie

Just speculations ....

We are captives of our language. We say that with God, all things are possible. If we believe our syntax, then God can make anyone else God. He might even be able to put himself out of existence after making someone else God so Creation won't disappear with him. If that seems abhorrent, will it be less abhorrent than to say that with God, not all things are possible?

God is holy. We could say it would be unholy of him to create a replacement God, vest him with the same holiness, and then abolish himself. But, if all things are possible, why can't he give the replacement God the same holiness as himself?

Can he make Bernie, or Roystan, the fourth person in the Trinity? Wouldn't that be unholy? We would think so, but if all things are possible, why can't he make that as holy as the original trinity? Perhaps that's all Lucifer wanted, not to be the sole ruler of the Universe but just a child accepted as an equal into the family of the Trinity, a kind of fourth person.

So that's your first sentence ------ not answered. There is a kind of demi-god in this place, you know. We can only but mention him by title and not by name in hushed tones --- The Moderator Whose Name Begins With J. He might have the answer.

As for the second sentence, maybe we just have to theorise our way through it because I ain't no expert in theology. Non-separation sounds like the Hindu and Buddhist idea that at the end, all individual identities will be submerged into a great infinite sea of something, a Brahma. Could this be related to the 'Does god pray' thread? Is the Father an infinite sea of self-conscious wisdom and holiness upon whom the Son draws his executive competence through the Holy Spirit, so that the Son prays, even now, but the Father doesn't?

Anyway, back to syntax: Wheel, the symbol of perfection; God's Word, which always returns to him, metaphorically in a sort of circular motion, like the arc of a boomerang, fulfilled. Well, when the Word went out to create what turned (temporarily, at least) into a failed experiment to populate the Garden of Eden with perfect humans, how is it going to return to God fulfilled if the experiment does not, as it turns out, succeed, and that the Garden of Eden is re-populated once more with perfect humans?

So, the saved will have bodies in the same way that Elijah and the Blessed Virgin Mary have bodies, not incorporated into the Trinity but umbilically nourished in spirit by the Creator?

What do you think? Any of these wild imaginings as short-livedly flyable as a Kitty Hawk?
Jan 11th 2014 new
(quote) Roystan-340472 said: It helps to think from time to time about how different we might be from the folks in heaven. We have to tell each other, using a clumsy, linear communication device called words. They can transmit a whole package of meaning at once, "I am", and the receiver just gets it, with no ambiguities, misunderstandings, clarificatory repeats of what was said in different words, etc.
I am your biggest fan.
I care about you.
I admire you.
I like you.

I statements make things really CLEAR...Father, Creator...His unpronounceable name....I Am....what you want fill in the blank with His titles....but they are all I....I Am Lover, I Am Provider, I Am Consoler, I Am Healer, I Am...I just AM ......everything!!!!!!!

Simplicity is best...Those "Cabbage Patch Kids"...Remember them? They (the originals) did not talk or say anything...and they were not really very cute in their facial features....Kids went crazy for them....and adults FOUGHT over them at Christmastime ....ugh!

But...studies wanted to know WHAT was the appeal of an obviously "stitched doll" without any gizmos....
no bottles no sparkly blond hair and lipstick lips or plastic cribs included in the packaging...They discovered what it was.....

The simple open stretched-out arms....MADE the doll come alive to the child walking buy...that child knew what that meant because she/he knew that he/she did that to their parent or older sibling or meant: HOLD ME!

Simple for a child: Hug me!!!!

Jan 11th 2014 new
(quote) Michael-1041054 said: Great question Carol. I think some of the factors from my perspective include the following:

1) An inability for many people to formulate a complete message in their mind, type it out, and then send. Use of the written word in our society is compromised and here in the world of CM we must actually sit and write something thoughtful. For many, abbreviations and text messaging has taken our lives by storm and we are unable to communicate in full sentences or with complete ideas.

2) Carrying on a conversation for any length of time by messaging is another factor that makes it difficult. This is particularly true for LDR, where people are less inclined to send a message since it may be weeks or months before you can meet in person and see if there is this all important "spark." We live in a society of instant gratification/satisfaction and we are somewhat influenced by this culture and so we need to know now if he/she is the one.

3) The rush to judgment. With one review of a profile and one message some are inclined to say -- you are not right for me. In our real world, if we can think back to early school days, sometimes it took us a few weeks to warm up to the new teacher or classmates, yet we succeeded since we were not inclined as children to rush to judgment. Here in the world of online dating, people may rush to a judgment based on a limited supply of information.

4) Fear of opening up. Some may say it is fear of rejection but in my mind it is more a fear of opening up. We have all been rejected once or twice in our lives, but if you opening up to a person you have never seen in the physical form can be intimidating/fearful, especially with the goal of marriage in mind. If we are sending a message, we are most likely interested in moving towards getting to know the person better with the future goal of possibly marriage if things are right. If we open up to much to someone we have never met, and then there is a can feel a bit worse than a face to face rejection.

Just a few suggestions of mine relevant to your query.
Beautifully written Michael!!! Until one is willing to be vulnerable, it is going to be hard to meet the right person.
Jan 11th 2014 new
(quote) Onome-119770 said: Beautifully written Michael!!! Until one is willing to be vulnerable, it is going to be hard to meet the right person.
clap clap clap B I N G O!!!!! on the web....BUT....just you at your best, yes...but share your personality, your goofs, your crazy's okay...that's what your reality wife or husband will get to young man or young woman who does not have it all together....

and the "old" people like me who have NEVER gotten out of elementary school! (teacher joke)
and the old lady like me.... who has never "grown up" because she is stuck and surrounded and swimming in teenage hormones.....all around me....both genders... since and steady for 27 years.....constantly----it really keeps you young...and IMMATURE!!!!!!

It's fun to be at a Mad hatter's Tea party....and that is exactly what THIS should be! Are we not as mad as hatters to believe that love is available and blessed even by God on a http://WWW website! Ludicrous! So, let's PARTY!!!!!!
Jan 11th 2014 new

I think the 'art of letter writing' has also gone out the window with all our instant messaging and texting. We don't understand how to communicate using the written word. Once upon a time there were 'pen friends' and they maintained very close relationships through writing until such time as they were able to finally meet up with each other. Some of the letters from WWI were amazing to read.

There is such a desire for 'instant romance' or relationships that not many seem to want to take the time to get to know each other first. I just watched a movie called 'Her', which had a lot of flaws and I didn't really agree with its message (if I even understood it) but this guy develops a 'relationship' with his artificial intelligence computer operating system. Of course she doesn't have a body - she is just an earpiece and a camera, but they communicate with words (she speaks in his ear and he speaks out loud) and become very close (fall in love basically). Now in the movie of course this all falls apart because the fact is that she isn't human and doesn't have a body. But it did get me thinking that if we could connect on a mental/emotional/spiritual level first through correspondence (similar to his communication via earpiece) we would also have the added blessing of then being able to meet up in human form because we have bodies!

But I notice an impatience with some men - they seem to think that if things don't progress almost instantly to the exchange of personal details, phone number, meeting up etc, then it isn't going to happen so they move on to the next prospect. But I think a lot can happen even before meeting up in person - if people have patience and a desire to communicate.

Anyway, that's my train of thought right now.

Jan 11th 2014 new

If you are having trouble with nice gentlemen asking for conversation on phone and F2f for coffees...and they are NOT scammers....with all your protective advisements you follow...

THAT IS Good News! cloudnine

That ain't happening for that many women in our upper age brackets....I'd say...Go for it!

You have been blessed with men that have checked out to be Real, Sweet, Respectful, Christian, and brave knight-errant enough to ask for a decent date..... Bow Bow Bow

Call Marge in here Wolf Whistle .she will test your temperature! (just kidding,.in fun!) But FAST is not the DEFAULT just saying....
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