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Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes and desperate situations.
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I'd like to make a little prayer request for my dear sweet cat who hasn't come home tonite. He's a dear sweet cat who's "inside-outside" but now he's also feeling sick with a UTI infection of some sort. I had him staying in last night but this morning I let him go out, hoping it was just a brief run outside. So, I had to leave him outside when I left for work, but was planning on coming back home to take him to the vet.

So, I returned home a little while later & found him nestled in the heavy brush & woods behind my house & just looking at me & meowing, but not willing to budge from his spot. I even tried shaking his treats bag to coax him. Then, I took a broom to push him out of his spot & he only ran further back under the bushes. So, I had to let him BE, but planned on sending another family member over later to check & see if he would come in. So far no sign of him. The only thing I've seen this evening is some of the food has been eaten that was left by back door (but unsure if another stray ate this or HIM). So, anyway, with temp's supposed to be down to low 20's here in my city, I'm worried about him. Also, I've got a new vet appointment I'd like to take him to. So, even if you're not a cat-lover, please have sympathy for my worries over this sweet companion & funny cat-friend to me. Thanks so much to you all in CM community!
Jan 22nd 2014 new
Prayers offered for your cat-friend's return to health and the empty cat-shaped spot in your home to be filled.
Jan 22nd 2014 new
St Francis pray for us, St Anthony pray for us!!
Jan 22nd 2014 new
Praying So sorry Anne! I hope he returns soon so that you can take him to the vet. Please let us know if he comes home.
Jan 22nd 2014 new
Jan 22nd 2014 new
hellokitty I have a chihuahua/terrier little dog, but my son has two cats, and I love them, because they are so cute, and meet me at the door meowing, and wanting me to give them love, which I do. I read your letter, and smiled sadly at your story. You have such a tender, little heart. Some guy should find you, and treasure you. I am praying to St. Francis since he loved animals. Here's a prayer we used to say not to St. Francis, but to St. Anthony when young when something was lost, "St. Anthony please come, something's lost, and can't be found." Repeat that until your fluffy cat shows up. You didn't mention his name. Keep praying, and looking for him. You are an angel. Let us know if you find him.

Victoria, W. L. A. hellokitty hellokitty hellokitty
Jan 22nd 2014 new
Oh my goodness. Praying to St Francis.
Praying theheart rosary
Jan 22nd 2014 new
Anne, I am sorry for your worries . Prayer offered to St. Martin de Porres; he is very miraculous in these cases Praying hug
Jan 22nd 2014 new
Prayers that your fur friend is home and healthy.
Jan 22nd 2014 new
(quote) Roystan-340472 said: Prayers offered for your cat-friend's return to health and the empty cat-shaped spot in your home to be filled.
Thanks so much Roystan! Well, all our prayers were answered part-way. He came home tonite, dragging himself in--but he was alive!! Yay! Now, I'll have to see how willing he is to go to the vet's office tomorrow. Fortunately, I still have some amoxicillin syringes left over from this past summer & the vet assistant said I might be able to give this to him (until I can take him in their office).
...I also took the time to pray a rosary this morning before I went to work & my prayers were answered to at least bring him home. (His picture is shown on one of my scrapbook photots, sitting next to a pretty little white kitty who died last year also in cold weather).
...Thanks everybody for thoughts & prayers!
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