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Tobias and Sarah's story is from the Book of Tobit, and his journey is guided by Saint Raphael.
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Jan 25th 2014 new
(quote) Richard-999453 said: was it Confucius who said "A long
journey begins with the first step" or maybe it was "with a small step" At any
rate, meeting someone who may eventually be that some one special begins with
small steps.
Maybe you did not like the pictures but enjoyed the profile. So you ask a simple question
about the profile and hope they answer. If not go on. But if they do, then the next step
is how to keep their interest in you. That is another small step.
Did I even come close to answering your question??
lovely it Richard ... love confucius ... that would or should be my nickname shhh scratchchin bc i do have a tendency to blow everyone's mind, not intentionally... maybe i should ask them but then would defeat why i do it in the first place ... so scratch that... just enjoying each other's company ....

will share this lovely story ..... my boss was such a sweatheart and younger than me ... she was dating ... so out of the blue, my quirky personality, i should have been fired ... decided to sent her flowers ... arranged it so there would be no name or trail... it took two agonizing week before i finally cave in and told her ... she ask her bf, etc... he must have gone bonkers ... lo and behold they got engage and married and then had a beautiful daughter .... this was the beginning of my wacky life ... laughing laughing laughing
Jan 25th 2014 new
(quote) Paul-1049651 said:  I wasn't actually being self-deprecating or metaphorical 
I truly don't think you are one bit Paul .... you are so refreshing and wonderful and so are many who have come out of their caves and women too... love seeing the interaction and mindboggling responses/comments, etc .... it is truly a delight like the chocolate in Nardia the movie ... oh do i want to get my hands on them .... my deepest gratitude to all of you for being so warm and wonderful ...
Jan 25th 2014 new
(quote) Genie-920495 said: is it a match to start a fire for the fireplace or bonfire .... surely i will need counselling w/my friends to see how big or small and the safest place to have it...
Your best post yet, Genie!

When your Match starts your Fire you can easily fall in. Good friends are the ones standing by with ropes and ladders while they carefully watch you joyfully Burn!

Feb 3rd 2014 new
(quote) John-971967 said:

HI Juan,

Hope today is a better day for you!

After reading some of the responses, ands your attempt to explain what you are asking, I am of an impression that you would really like discussed what would motivate us to want to get out on a date (a face-to-face) like some of the essentials that would need to be there for us.

What is it that would prompt us to say "yes" and not "next"?

How is it that we may have some interest initially than loose interest?

And what would it take for us, from time of introduction (via CM) to look forward to that first face-to-face meeting?

Well, something along those lines, anyway... Am I reading that right. Juan?

BTW, great name :) May the good Lord make your day a blessed one!

Hey, John! I like your name too! thumbsup

First of all let me apologize for responding until now, and thank you for your good wishes for that one bad day I had.

Yeah, "something along those lines" is kinda what I meant. It's not rocket science.

You see, what I meant by "settling" is, for example, that while one would really prefer to find specific attributes on a person, one might "settle" for another one that doesn't have them, so long as they do have others that are truly indispensable.

But that "settling" word really seems to push a whole different button on others heads sometimes... which can be understandable. scratchchin

Feb 4th 2014 new
Well first you have to get past two terms....least and settle. Why think in a negative light. No one should consider anyone else a least or someone they are settling for like there's some perfect match out there. That sort of thinking is why divorce and misery are so rampant these days. I've seen this posted a lot. We need to get past the mentality that we will find the person of our dreams and be completely one can live up to that sort of fantasy. Yes we might find someone who's a really good match but we'll never find someone completely perfect. Everybody is going to have faults or habit that drive us crazy I'm just saying keep that in mind.
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