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Jan 28th 2014 new
(quote) Peter-449116 said:
Rodney Brossart

Dinesh D'Souza

Remember the names, because they are the first prisoners of the new American post-Republic. One of them almost certainly will become a political prisoner in what used to be a free country.

Another way of saying it is "corruptio optima pessima" (Corruption of the best is the worst).
Jan 28th 2014 new
Yikes! scary stuff.

Big Brother really is watching.......
Jan 29th 2014 new
(quote) Peter-449116 said:
The one consolation that I read in that article is that apparently the police did have a valid search warrant to enter and inspect the property. Apparently, it was only after they were refused entry at gunpoint that they resorted to aerial surveillance.
Copied from the article:

"Brossart was arrested on June 23, 2011, but his family refused at gunpoint to let authorities armed with a search warrant onto their 3,600-acre property to investigate the neighbors' complaint."

One big problem with this aerial surveillance is that it will be just too easy/tempting to do the surveillance first and then fabricate a search warrant after the fact.... And, in effect, the search can be done without the owners (of the property) even knowing about it..... Kind of like the NSA snooping for information on your phone calls, emails and smart phone applications. We really need to get our arms around this aerial surveillance technology (e.g. legal restrictions, search warrants, etc.) before it just gets beyond control.

I predict that these unmanned aircraft (of all types) are going to be very prevalent in the future, because they will just be so useful and cost effective for doing so much legitimate work. Also, most of these aircraft will have cameras because the cameras will be needed to accomplish most tasks. My family has a farm in Washington State. When I was visiting during Christmas, I was discussing with my brothers how useful and economical these small remotely-operated aircraft would be for accomplishing certain farm tasks... Tasks like spraying thistles (and other weeds) in large fields (carrying a small weed spray tank), GPS location of weed patches, checking crops for ripeness (without walking through the fields), checking on cattle and helping to herd cattle. These are just a few tasks to start.

Jan 29th 2014 new
(quote) Peter-449116 said:
Thanks for the heads up Peter! But I think I'm OK, I just finished covering my roof with tinfoil. Oops, gotta go, I just heard another helicopter. shocked
May 6th 2014 new
Rand Paul may have serious support this time :
May 23rd 2014 new
Publish and perish ? Are journalists above the law ?
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