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Question about matches...

Feb 3rd 2014 new
Hi, the new (to me) matches feature has me puzzled about a couple things (I did try to check back to see if anyone had asked this, hope I'm not repeating)...

First of all, when a match comes up on my page, does the match automatically get *me* as a match on his page?

Second, when you press the "Reveal Match" button before you press Yes, No or Unsure, does the person get a notification that you've looked at their profile?

Thanks for your help. Jeanne
Feb 3rd 2014 new
Hi Jeanne, and welcome to the forums wave

The match IS a mutual match in that both parties receive the notification of a potential match.
When you click "Reveal Match" and are brought to that persons profile - there is NO indicator that
the other person receives that you are viewing their profile. ANY subsequent visit to that persons profile WILL
though register as with them as them being viewed by you. But the original visit (in regards to the matching system) does not trigger any notification on the other end.

Hope the above answers your questions - and it is always nice to see more members participating in the forums :-)
Feb 3rd 2014 new
Thanks Dave!
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