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This room is dedicated to those who are facing the challenge of raising children without the support of a spouse. This is a place to share ideas and lend mutual support.

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Pix of kids

Feb 9th 2014 new

Do you carry photos of your children in your wallet, purse, or cellphone? Do you show them to friends?

Lest you think this is a silly question, I do not do these things and wonder just how far off the norm I may be.

Feb 9th 2014 new

Yes, I have pictures in my phone. My kids crack me up continuously or are always doing something noteworthy, so people are always asking if I have a picture. I'm happy to show them.

The cutest thing was when friends of mine got the word on their adopted baby. When I asked the new dad if he had a picture, he pulled out a framed 8"x 10" of his baby girl! It was adorable.

Feb 9th 2014 new
Oh, and he was on his motorcycle! LOL
Feb 10th 2014 new
NO I dont. Nor have I ever. My eldest is 42 my youngest 28 plus 10 grandies.

My purse is stuffed full of usless things I guess and there wouldnt be any room for pics.
Feb 10th 2014 new
I have pics on my phone mostly but sometimes when I remember, I carry around their school pics in my purse. My kids are youngish (still school aged) and they are pretty darn adorable. Of course, I only show them if people ask. I don't go whipping out pics for just anyone. Though I did put them in my profile because frankly, I thought it best for men to know up front that I have four children and I think they are pretty "awesome sauce" as the youngsters say these days.
Feb 10th 2014 new
'Awesome sauce'. How many transitions Is this from 'sick'?
Feb 10th 2014 new
(quote) Roystan-340472 said: 'Awesome sauce'. How many transitions Is this from 'sick'?
You are obviously not well versed in 3rd grade lingo. "Awesomesauce" is the 3rd grade equivalent of "sick." My 6th grader uses that one. wink
Feb 10th 2014 new
Man, I haven't heard either expression in years. Either Maine is more out of the loop than I realized, or y'all are further behind the times than I'd have expected.
My kids used to say "awesome like a possum". (Of course, in California, "awe" is pronounced "ahh".)
Feb 10th 2014 new
um, is 'sick' good or bad?? don't hear that around here for positive things.
Feb 10th 2014 new
Yes, Marge, I carry pix of my ten children in my wallet and just a few action/event photos on phone.

Because I am asked sometimes how everyone is doing, sometimes I will answer with the names of my children and the listener doesn't link the name...and will ask, for example: "Is he the one that has the curly hair?"....or something like I will pull out a photo to clarify...

Since we usually travel in a "pack" of 8 or a "half pack"of 4, it is easy for people to get confused.

I make this effort for people that I care about, or someone who works with one of my children and is interested in learning about siblings. It's nice that others are interested in my kids, and I consider it a blessing when people enjoy a large family. Sadly, many disparage large families these days and do not hide their disapproval.
So, it's neat to be able to share my "crew"!

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