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Feb 15th 2014 new
How does the view count work? When someone views a topic twice does that count an 2 views or is it one view per member no matter how many times the same person looks at it?
Feb 15th 2014 new
Hey John,
Use to wonder about the same thing myself, turns out every refresh of the page will generate a view count. So if a single member views to a forum topic 20 times - it will register as there being 20 views to the topic.
Feb 16th 2014 new
It would make sense that every time you view it then it would post another person viewed it. I would think that would be the same as if you post in the room that it would put another posted.
Ok, I have to be honest two handsome men here so I had to post something... wave lovestruck!
Feb 16th 2014 new
I just tried it out with this topic. I viewed it and the count went from 24 to 25. I viewed it again, it stayed at 25. I went to another forum. Then came back here and viewed your topic. It stayed at 25.

I didn't try logging out of CM, then logging back it and viewing your topic. So I don't know if it's recording only one view per topic or one view per time logged into CM.

Then, one could try to view the topic the next day...maybe there's a limit of views recorded per day.
Feb 16th 2014 new
Wendy - I stand corrected - thank you.

The behavior of the counter seems to have changed. (or I was wrong all along shhh tongue )
I just did multiple force refreshes of my page (as I thought it might have been a caching issue and not updated)
but the counter did not increase, so it is NOT incrementing with each visit.
There is still a chance it is tied to the session the browser is in such that logging in and out will update the counter but I have not tried that yet.
Feb 17th 2014 new
Hi John,

The forum post count updates overnight. Any posts that you make today will be reflected in your total post count tomorrow.
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