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Hello Friends wave:

My Background Story:

I once told myself that it is wrong to show your rosary in public because of what I was informed by others growing up. However, when I started embracing my faith more often I realize I have a choice to keep it private or be open and risk being questioned more about what I believe. Anyways I have a few rosaries under my care and I wasn't sure what to do with all of them. So, I decided I would place one of them inside my car on my rear view mirror as a way to remind me of my faith. This recent action of mine is still bothering me until today because I broke one of the promises I made to myself a long time ago. I've been encouraged by my Aunties and family members who are devoted Catholics to pray the rosary often.

I searched online for answers about this scenario similar to mine and I realize there people who are against it and for it.

What's your opinion about it?

Thank you all kindly in advance for reading my post and for any answers you may provide smile .
Feb 15th 2014 new
It's good for the soul to break promises to yourself. We mustn't be rigid and we should walk all over our own will. Besides, having the rosary there will encourage you to say it in the car.

If you don't hang it, put a holy card of Our Lady on your dashboard and keep the rosary in one of the dash cubbies or cup holder.
Feb 15th 2014 new
I'm not a big fan of rosary beads used as an automobile ornament or worn as a necklace.
Feb 15th 2014 new
Hi Ezrah, I think it's acceptable if used for devotional purposes and not "fashion". I have mine there, good contemplation when stuck in traffic. Don't feel bad about it, your not doing anything wrong.
Feb 15th 2014 new

I think they interfere with your vision while driving.

Put them in the little tray or cupholder near the gearshift. And if you have a lot of them...hand them out to others (many, many non-Catholics love rosaries) or put them on the doorknobs of every room in your home.

Feb 15th 2014 new
I am for displaying it, but I think that if you are it is important to be a good and courteous driver. If it actually has a function and is there to help you, then I don't see any harm. If it is just there as a fashion piece, find something else.

Just my two cents.
Feb 15th 2014 new
I like this discussion!
I used to have my TEC cross hanging on my rearview, lately I have had a celtic cross on the visor(made for old syle visors it came apart...) I think the rosary is OK there if you USE it- my brother prays the rosary in the car- I tend to close my eyes, so let us NOT do that while I am driving please :o)
Feb 15th 2014 new
I have had them on mine for many many years now and I adore them there. If I had an accident and was trapped having them close would be so comforting especially if I was passing. I am pretty good at controlling my aggravation levels and not losing my cool with the exception being... driving in traffic,lol, it just blurts out sometimes. I remember a homily where the priest was telling a story about people leaving church all happy just to start beeping and cursing each other moments later in traffic and in the parking lot. It is very important not to drive in an emotional manner especially anger and a glance of my beads reminds me of this. I absolutely love rolling up behind a car at a light and to see the person in front of me having them too, it reminds me I am not alone in a secular world. I once saw a steering wheel cover fashioned in the Rosary so one could pray while driving safely.
Feb 15th 2014 new
I love to see them in peoples car as it gives me comfort and think yes they are Catholic and another one of us!
However they are illegal to hang from your mirror as to block ones view, I dont want to get a ticket so I hand mine from my gear changer handle. I have small statues on my dash and other Catholic reminders in my cubbies and on my visors.
I know different cultures wear rosaries for protection not fashion. And after my father died one of my brothers wore his rosary round his neck for a couple of weeks and eventually put it away as to not break it. fluffy angel
Feb 15th 2014 new
I have two, one was made just for me, crocheted and one I had in my first car and I've kept, I like to have it with me.
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