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Feb 15th 2014 new
I doubt I would use it.
Feb 15th 2014 new
Hi Jeannie,
I know that CM has invested a lot of effort in making their entire site Mobile Device compatible utilizing many of the new features of HTML 5 to bring a consistent look and feel to their site whether using a mobile device, laptop or desktop computer.

Is there a particular feature that you feel a dedicated app would bring that currently is not available via the web interface on mobile devices (phones and/or tablets) ?

Development of an app would require resources be divided amongst web development, android development, mac iOS development, and Windows mobile development instead of just web development where it is currently dedicated.

But I am curious if there is anything one feels an app can bring that does not already exist - or is it more of a desire for it to make it more "app like" than "web like"?
Feb 16th 2014 new
As pointed out to me, the Chat rooms still rely on a Flash based presentation and as such will not work on iPhones or iPads. It will also not work on many androids since Flash is not loaded by default, although it is
still available to be downloaded from Adobe for the android devices.

And just a heads up - the usability of the chat rooms on an android device, although possible - is not something anyone will enjoy - it is even very difficult on a 10" tablet.

I had thought they CM moved to something other than Flash in the chat rooms - but I stand corrected.
I know it is something that Nathan and the others on the development team have been aware of and been searching for - if not testing a replacement that is not flash based and as such would work on Mac iOS devices, and become more useable on the Android devices.
Feb 16th 2014 new
Most of the time I don't even keep my phone on. I probably wouldn't use such a thing either. I haven't even bothered to sign up for a Google Account so that I could download apps from Google Play; not worth the trouble.
Feb 17th 2014 new
(quote) Jeannie-822585 said: Comments?
It has been on our board for sometime however we have been more heavily invested in a responsive site which dave points out. However there are some conveniences and features we would like to provide that can only be provided through an app. So we are likely to provide a mobile android and iphone app later this year will will provide simple features like notifications, a launcher, auto sign-in and maybe a few more. But it will mostly relay on using the responsible site we have designed because outside of very specific apps (games etc) or really large companies it just does not make sense to build and maintain 6 apps or more plus a website. Ironically as large as Facebook is their mobile website usage is larger than all their mobile apps combined.
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