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men's discussion forum.

Feb 18th 2014 new
I see a Women's discussion forum. Are the men's only visible to the women?
Feb 18th 2014 new
Duh. I mean is the men's discussion forum only visible to the men?
Feb 18th 2014 new
Yes, there is a women's discussion room that only women can see, and a men's discussion room that only men can see. I think another condition is that in order to see these rooms, one must have a paying subscription. "Free" or non-subscribing members, I believe, cannot see the gender-specific rooms. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
Feb 18th 2014 new

: princess The ladies go to the pinky room, and they call their selves pinkies. Men cannot go there.

The men go to the cave, and I don't what they call their selves. knight-errant Ladies cannot go there.

Feb 19th 2014 new
(quote) Deborah-1058368 said: I see a Women's discussion forum. Are the men's only visible to the women?
Hi Deborah,

Yes, the Womens Discussion Forum is only visible to the female CM members, and the Mens discussion Forum is only visible to the men CM members. wink Praying
Feb 19th 2014 new
Yes, a subscription is required to see the restricted forums.
Feb 19th 2014 new
Would you want the men to see the women's forum? I don't think so. Why do you want to see the men's? That's my question.
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