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Genuine Love

Mar 1st 2014 new
Hello one and all, just wanted to say what I think real love is. It is loving the person for who they are, and what they bring to complete us in more secure, and refined light. When things happen on their own accord, and there is chemistry between the two, the spark is started and time weighs into the foundation of this relationship. Loving the person for they are, and respecting them, and seeing to their well-being is the true signs love. What is your opinions on this, and what would add to it? One final note, love is showing that you really care for the person and that showing her how much you mean to me. This can shown in variety of ways, but doing it in a way to let her know that you pay homage to what she does, who she is.
Mar 1st 2014 new
I saw an article once with a beautifully drawn wedding ceremony with the priest telling them, "You are each other's Cross...embrace and cherish ...." for your sanctification towards Heaven.
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