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Being There For Her

Mar 9th 2014 new
Hello one and all, just want to put this topic out there for you all to see and respond to. Being there for the girl, comprises many forms and situations. Men by and large have to strive to make the conscience effort to be there for the softer gender. Doing activities together, and growing on each other, will enable her to realize that this man is one who likes being with me. Through time and sure will effort, men need to convey to the lady that he dependable, and reliable on the many fronts, and situations. There has to be genuine wanting to be with lady otherwise it will not work. Men need to read signs of women, and act in accordance with their moods and concerns in kind and gentle manner, this is way in which the girl will be more receptive to the man's behavior, in that he concerned for me, and he is there for me, when I feel down. Thus she can begin feel is there for me through thick and thin things. Anyways, would like to here from you ladies about this topic, and what additional things us men can do to help you, along the way.
Mar 9th 2014 new
wow william you seem to be having a lot of topics in mind :) and this forum gives you a lot of reasons to share your thoughts.
being there for us ladies/women is definitely a plus factor for our guy, this means he is sensitive enough to know and sense what we want without being told either through good or bad times. as they say action speaks louder than words and we definitely will appreciate it if you will be there by our side although we don't want to sound or look to be too needy too as we also sometimes need some girl bonding or alone time too at times. i'm sure you guys would love your woman to be there for you too if the need arises.. i hope? crossfingers
Mar 9th 2014 new
(quote) William-888220 said: There has to be genuine wanting to be with lady otherwise it will not work.
You're way over-thinking this. It's not nearly that complicated. In fact, it's actually quite simple. The single line above from your post summarizes either the cause or the solution to the dilemma outlined in your entire post. If the condition above exists then the rest will likely work itself out. If not then it likely cannot and even likelier will not.

Mar 10th 2014 new
I like the way you think! Overthinking by men and women often complicate a situation that isn't all that complicated.

Mar 16th 2014 new
I think if you care for the lady, then seeking to perform these things should follow naturally (and hopefully remain a part of daily practice throughout the life of the relationship). Of course it would be helpful to know whether she is genuinely interested before you invest in her on an emotional level. Whenever you learn how to "read signs of women", please share!
Mar 17th 2014 new

BINGO. highfive

And it works exactly the same for the woman: she must "be there" for the man, too. (No difference between sexes.)

The key is, if you like the person, you must treat him as you do your friends. If he grows into your best friend, maybe love is the next step.

Mar 17th 2014 new
William hi. Being there for him/her. If you have established the friendship phase and it is a mutual liking to correspond, communicate then you are right - show sincerity, be consistent all throughout as long as you both desire to go on with it. Let him/her know of your presence by reaching out & it will be nice if you initiate & show him/her of your interest to get to know him/her more by moving forward and ask personal, family, career details or anything that you might want to know about him/her. Along the way, you will realize/know if it is plain friendship or more. It is a trial & error thing, a risk but at least you tried. Both parties as much as possible must know their pacing, progress, be patient, be open to one another at the onset or be sensitive, - know what to offer, say in good times, not so good times, challenges, disappointments & the like. Also gauge each other, do not assume or over analyze things but if you have clarification better to ask him/her. Whatever you established and end up with, the essence is along the way you experienced/built a relationship with him/her. But it is truly a blessing if both of you makes it as a couple.
Mar 17th 2014 new
There aren't any signs, kiddo. Just speak English.
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