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Anyone from the Tampa area....

Mar 14th 2014 new
Hi, I currently live in GA but am seriously thinking about moving to the area NE of Tampa, especially interested in Temple Terrace. I would be glad to hear from others who live in that area to hear what it's *really* like there--I take info from internet with a grain of salt. Even if you live close by that would be great too. Thanks. Jeanne in GA.
Mar 14th 2014 new
Hey Jeanne, moving here is wonderful, there is many recreational and arts places and events to do here, followed by boating, and great dinning places. Also, the people here are nice, and humble.
Mar 14th 2014 new
I try to spend some time whenever i can in the area just to the northwest of Tampa: New Port Richey, Tarpon Springs, Holiday. I like being a bit closer to the Gulf, but not so much in the more touristy areas like Clearwater. I'm not so familiar with the northeast side, though. Hope to retire there, at least for most of the year.

Mar 15th 2014 new
Sounds to me as though you and Jeanne should plan to meet down there and check out the various areas.
Mar 16th 2014 new
Since you specifically asked about "Temple Terrace", and it's close to USF.. i just thought i would throw in my .02.
When i went to college there 20 yrs ago TT was a decent area from what i remember. I moved back again to Tampa about 7-8 yrs ago for about one year, and Temple Terrace has been going steadily down hill.
From what I saw, North Tampa (new Tampa), Carrollwood and futher north, and Wesley Chapel are much nicer areas, and of course the S.Tampa area Hyde Park and around there. scratchchin Praying

Mar 16th 2014 new
Thanks for all the great tips and comments... will be doing more research and trusting the Lord to guide me where He wants me!
Mar 20th 2014 new
I vacation normally in St. Pete but always enjoy Tampa as well. Love the area but not real familiar on Temple Terrace! There are some nice areas in Brandon and the surr ounding towns!
Mar 21st 2014 new
Hello Jeanne, Dave is right , try to check N. Tampa it is a very nice area. Wesley Chapel is one place I would recommend . There is Target, Wall mart and a Mall close by. May the Holy Spirit guide you on your search and may God Bless you!
Mar 29th 2014 new
I live in Tampa and would be glad to provide some guidance. It truly comes down to what amenities you want and that will help your search.

South Tampa (south of Kennedy) has always been THE place to live in Tampa for the in-crowd. Great nightlife and a concentration of restaurants and bars.
Brandon (and neighboring bedroom communities) are nice, affordable but the traffic is bad.
Further south.....Apollo Beach, Gibsonton are nice places but a drive from Tampa.
New Tampa....NE of town has great home values, planned urban development (PUDS) but like Brandon....traffic is bad.
Carrollwood has an older population but home values are stable and traffic is not as bad as New Tampa and Brandon. I like Westchase area the best and would look there is I were looking to move.
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