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Election 2014

Mar 20th 2014 new
Someone is beginning to get it :
Mar 20th 2014 new
(quote) Bernie-645443 said: Someone is beginning to get it :
Thanks Bernie, I wish he was just a tad more like his dad but then the goal here is to win nationally. He's my candidate for 2016. If more Republican candidates realize they need a much bigger tent, they'll have a real chance to increase their numbers. Follow Pope Francis' lead and emphasize what truly matters and stop alienating people. Emphasize what we're about, our solutions instead of attacking and ridiculing the opposition.
Mar 21st 2014 new
Here is Pat Buchanan ( one of his " dead clock right twice a day " points ? ) on the increasingly interlocking questions of war vs. peace, reach vs. grasp, policy makers vs. policy victims :
Mar 22nd 2014 new
If you do nothing else this weekend, set aside 25 minutes to
watch the speech Rand Paul gave at UC Berkeley on Wednesday. A candidate who quotes from "Fahrenheit 451" and Pink Floyd while eviscersting the shadow government's abuses and has solutions like a Church Commission-style body to watch the watchers - you gotta love it.
Mar 22nd 2014 new
Oops- sorry, Bernie. I see we posted the same speech. Oh well, it was THAT good, wasn't it!!

Mar 26th 2014 new
More from Rand Paul on Defense spending and Tomahawk cuts, then some comments on Paul's point :
Apr 20th 2014 new
" Settled " ??

Political practitioners may find this interesting :

Of the roughly 30 outlier polls indicating approval, only 5 were taken among registered or likely voters.

Another look :
Apr 20th 2014 new
(quote) Bernie-645443 said: Someone is beginning to get it :
Apr 24th 2014 new
This ties with Tom Cotton's spot for Rep media win of the year thus far :

Sadly, the better Rep primary candidate, though close or leading in recent polls, is being moneyed out by a huge margin....

But if the Dr. wins, the incumbent Dem's problems increase in appearance, but decrease in substance. I can't wait to see him try to attack the Dr. in a debate !

The other Rep candidate has several terms of State Legislature experience, and is a Harvard Law grad, so accustomed to chowing his way out of the belly of the beast in debate. Interestingly, Conger does better with women , young voters, swing voters.
May 7th 2014 new
On the risibility of rabbit hole "news" agencies, networks, outlets, and reporters :
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