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I am getting really discouraged! Like I have said, this is my third time on this site and nothing. Is it something about my profile men are not attracted to. I don't like sports. My passion is music. Is it because of this fact that I won't find someone? I don't get it. What is wrong with my profile? I am getting views, but hardly ANY messages. I don't get it.
Mar 22nd 2014 new

Your profile is fine; I cannot imagine that you are not getting any indications of interest.

Mar 22nd 2014 new
I'm certainly not qualified to be offering advice in this area, but I don't see anything in your profile that would scare anyone away. hug

Mar 23rd 2014 new
It's nothing wrong with your profile. I'm having the same problem.
Mar 23rd 2014 new
I tweaked it up a bit...I hope I can get more messages.
Mar 23rd 2014 new

Hi, Tara!

I agree with the other posters that theres nothing wrong with your profile; you seem to know yourself well and be honest in your personal description. But, while we should not be trying to market ourselves as someone we are not, from my perspective you (and probably lots of other CM members!) could make a few adjustments to give your profile more personality and interest, thereby inviting comments and questions from gentlemen while still accurately portraying who you are:

--You studied English, so youve probably heard many times that showing is more compelling than telling. For example, your mention of the country music festival is a great detail. What is it that attracts you so much to music? Since thats your passion, it might be cool to include a couple lines of your favorite song lyrics. What do you treasure about being Catholic? Do you have a favorite quote or two from Scripture or a Saint or theological work that captures your faith well?

--You describe your interests, but how would you describe your personality? This is a place again to show rather than tell. (For example, to demonstrate that Im a cautious rule-abider, I mention casually in my profile that I always use my turn signals :)

--Maybe add some captions to your photos. Whats a significant memory from when the photo was taken?

--Remember that the first couple lines of your About Me section are what appear next to your profile photo in some lists of search results, so make that first sentence count.

And, of course, you do not necessarily need to wait for gentlemen to contact you. I know many ladies are less than comfortable with the idea of initiating contact, but a simple emotigram with a kind greeting and question or comment about something in the gentlemans profile or photos gives him the opportunity to review your profile and respond in turn with more substantial conversation. Best wishes, Tara!

Mar 23rd 2014 new
Thank you, Nicole!!! I spruced it up a bit! :)
Mar 23rd 2014 new
Your changes have definitely added some more life and greater enthusiasm to your profile! Don't be afraid to keep editing it over time. Again, best wishes!
Mar 24th 2014 new
I read your profile and find nothing wrong with it. It looks great! :)
Mar 24th 2014 new
Thanks, everybody.
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