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Mar 21st 2014 new

Cardinal Caffarra's firm stance on communion for "remarried":
Its approval would mean complete end
of "Catholic doctrine on human sexuality"
Mar 24th 2014 new
Thanks for sharing...
Mar 24th 2014 new
(quote) Teresa-993518 said: Thanks for sharing...
You are welcome Teresa.
Mar 25th 2014 new

Bravo Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Caffarra. I am sure that these brave cardinals will find much support from others. Cardinal Casper's proposal is destined to wither and crumble. I would be shocked if it gains traction.

There already exists a process to reconcile those in unrecognized relationships. Catholics in such situations (unrecognized relationships) should familiarize themselves with it. Those that TRULY desire recognition will be open to an honest resolution and will seek discernment and come to know and embrace the outcome; those that don't will continue with whatever they have made.

Mar 26th 2014 new
Comments coming out of the Consistory on the 22nd February that discussed the Family and said subject:

Cardinal Walter Brandmuller-" Neither human nature nor the Commandments nor the Gospel have an expiry date" Courage is needed to enunciate the truth even against current customs. Whoever speaks on behalf of the Church must possess courage if he does not want his vocation to be a failure. The desire to obtain approval and applause is a temptation which is always present in the transmission of religious teaching."

Cardinal Ruini- "It would be a fatal mistake to follow the pastoral approach without referring to doctrine."
Mar 29th 2014 new
The church leaders are 100% accountable to God for what they teach and preach. Will Yahweh say (Jeremiah 50:6): My people have been lost sheep; their shepherds have led them astray... Also, see Ezekiel 34:1-10, which also makes the point of the shepherds' accountability. They are to teach and preach the Word of God and be the doctor's we need as our Lord said. Getting souls to Heaven is the task at hand. We need shepherds who will teach through the uncomfortable, unpopular, and unbelievable so we can live eternally with Christ. This topic is a tremendous example of one of those issues that is difficult to take. ..then many of his disciples who were listening said, This saying is hard; who can accept it?(John 6:60). Many of what we are commanded is difficult--the individual's cross. But those very crosses are what our Lord instructs us to take up daily and follow Him.

So much to say on this. Nothing I have written is "my opinion." What is written here are teachings of the Church that are scriptural. All we can do is pray for the discernment, strength, & trust in Him that we can follow His teaching to get the prize that we are to keep our eyes on--that is the Kingdom of Heaven Praying Praying Praying for us all.

If God were our one and only desire we would not be so easily upset when our opinions do not find outside acceptance.
Thomas Kempis, The Imitation of Christ
Mar 30th 2014 new

Pope Francis expresses support for Cardinal Kasper\'s \'serene theology \' on the family
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