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My parish does this. I get the imagery, but I'm not 100% clear on the advantage of giving up a sacramental for lent.

Is this across the board everywhere or on a diocese-by-diocese basis, or what?
Mar 28th 2014 new
In the Wichita, KS Diocese, they only give it up on Good Friday.
Mar 28th 2014 new
I think Good Friday is normal, Diane. I'm not sure about all of lent!
Mar 28th 2014 new
My parish, St. Mary's, keeps the fonts filled during Lent. But St. John's downtown actually REMOVED the fonts.

I've read elsewhere that "giving up" holy water for Lent is not an approved practice.
Mar 28th 2014 new
Mar 28th 2014 new
Thanks for the link, Edward. I suspected as much. So I wonder why we do it.
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