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Suddenly slow computer

Mar 30th 2014 new


I have a Dell windows xp and it was working OK however my yahoo mail was slow and for the last 4 months Ive spent many hours on the phone on and off trying to get my AT&T internet device to work properly and for a while they could get it to work but it would never last long. I wasnt told that it would be a lot slower in my area what is 3G but it was still was to slow for that. But they think its my computer now. It will work faster on CM then any of the other sites I use what are very few, and just a couple of days ago the videos on You Tube were working fine but now as it was so many times before, it takes at least 30 minutes to watch a 2 or 3 minute clip I can only scroll a line at a time on my mail because if I try to go faster nothing happens then the page will jump several lines.

I deleted all browsing history ,and used the system restore that would take it back no farther then a week and ran the disk defragmenter the diagnostic s check what showed no viruses and cleaned out the heat dissipater what is removable from the dell what is held in place by a latch .

Im a little lost about what to do next and not real computer savvy so any help would be greatly appreciated and I wont take any offence if you explain it in the most simple way possible like I was a little kid ! Well time to grab my teddy and go to beddy Ha Ha


Mar 30th 2014 new
Get rid of AT&T first !
They ripped me off for $4,037 over two yrs. for hone-4 and Samsung Android which were inoperative r two yr. contract and had to get my lawyer friend to fight it They are getting worse ! Now I have no cell phones!

My Cox Communications network is fine but old laptop is almost dead. I just got new laptop from an Israeli company on companies stuck with warehouses of electronics $270 for a good computer, except it's Pink

B&H NYC call and say you want cheap overstock and they will call you in 1-30 days as another U.S. company goes under. I could have had a 50 inch big screen TV for $320 last month, but needed computer first.

COX charges me 19.95/month unlimited long distance and 14.95/mo for full computer support, but I have Windows XP and support will end in April

Every dollar now has to be carefully placed during this crazy political world upheaval.

How are things in Texas?

I don't like it when you call A&TT support and get Pakistan, Malaysia... Do they have Cox in TX?

It's too late here and I have to kick this orphan cat out ! Need a Faithful Dog!
Mar 30th 2014 new

Try downloading and running Malwarebytes.

Mar 30th 2014 new
Paul, my first reccomendation would be to hold down the "F8" function key when the computer starts up. This will provide you with the option of booting into "Safe Mode with Networking". This will help greatly in determining whether it is software and/or virus/trojan related. Once the computer is started - try browsing and or checking email and see if their is a dramatic difference in the speed of the computer.

Knowing whether there is a difference when you try the above will be helpful to know. My guess is a program was able to sneak past your security software and install itself and is trying to use 100% of your bandwidth. Starting in safe mode will prevent such programs from being successful, and as such if there is a change in speed in regular versus safe mode it is a high probability of such a virus/trojan issue.

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